MyBus Luleå and Dalarna – new releases

Did some refactoring to make the code more generic as MyBus Luleå and MyBus Dalarna has a lot in common (was mostly copy paste before). Not fully done but have come a good way to making it fully generic. I have learned a lot about Android programming doing this!

In Dalarna they have a lot of bus stops which made the application slow to start and thus I added a bus stop cache in two levels.

  1. Save the list with all downloaded bus stops to disk and load it on start. Update the list if the bus stop information has changed online.
  2. Pre-populate the cache with a static version of the bus stop list for faster cold-start of the whole application.  

Also added the faster scrolling code in the bus stops selection UI to MyBus Luleå. It was already in the previous version of MyBus Dalarna.

Have fun and please leave a comment and grade it in Market if you use the application. Thanks!

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