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I just released another Android application, MyBus Dalarna that provides live bus information for busses in Dalarna, Sweden. You can select bus stops and bus lines you are interested in and the application will update the current bus time info automatically.

screenshot1.png screenshot2.png

It is free (ads supported) and is available on the Android Market now.

2010-05-18: 1.0.2 Support for lower resolution devices. Better handling if bus stop page is not available or broken.
2010-03-21: 1.0.1 Added bus stop caching for quicker startup.
2010-03-20: 1.0.0 Initial Release.

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Did some refactoring to make the code more generic as MyBus Luleå and MyBus Dalarna has a lot in common (was mostly copy paste before). Not fully done but have come a good way to making it fully generic. I... Read More

Just released version 1.0.2 of MyBus Dalarna and 1.0.3 of MyBus Luleå with the same changes: "Low-res support added. Better handling if stop page is not available.". Both applications should now work on low-res devices like e.g. HTC Tattoo but... Read More

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