IP telephony day

I spent the day at Arlanda, Stockholm. Went down yesterday evening and spent the night at Arlandia Hotel. My favorite hotel at Arlanda. The venue was an IP-telephony day arranged by SUNET with the overall goal to spread knowledge about IP-telephony within goverment departments around Sweden. Lund and Stockholm are those that has gotten the furtherst but they have chosen very different ways. Lund are replacing all old phones with IP-phone services immediately while Stockholm take a more relaxed approach introducing it is time goes.
Overall the presentation were good and I personally learned more about ENUM but besides that it was mostly valuable to meet people and get the puls (which was mostly dead outside Lund and Stockholm :). The IP-telephony “boss” at LTU was there and it looked like he was leaning towards just keep expaning the MD110 with H.323 services. I obviously want SIP based services as well as that is much more expandable and I am very sure we will see many more SIP based services in the future.
One reflection from today is that there is still soooo much religion and strong feelings involved within the computer geek division. Do they really think it will make things move faster in the direction they want? Yes; I wrote they as I don’t really se myself as part of that group. At least I think I am tiny bit more diplomatic.
I am sitting on the airplane back right now as I must say that it was rather fun to get out of Luleå. Even if it only was for a day at Arlanda. I feel pepped.
A few seats away a young man (that makes me sound sooo old 🙂 is reading a magazine about tatoos and he just keep staring at those pictures. People are strange, in a strange world.
Next friday (May 7 13.00) I will be giving a presentation of e-media and the need for physical libraries. It is part of the libraries 10 year anniversary in their new building and I will be the final speaker. I wonder what my conclusion will be and if they will be happy with it 😉 Catch the presentation if you can!! It is only about 20-30 minutes!
Yesterday Tovah learned to ride her new 12″ bike. She rode on her own around the block. She is getting soooo big. One can hold real conversations with her know and she knows most of the letters in the alphabet. She can do basic addition (like 3+6).
A lot of text deleted… Another heavy issue is troubeling me right now but due to its sensitive character I cannot write about it here. More later…
Summer is almost here. All the trees that have been cut down behind my house makes huge difference. Now we have a huge empty area there which allows for one of my favorite things, barbequing 🙂 That makes me happy.
Talking about happy. I am trying to be as happy as possible (no shit sherlock) but it goes very much up and down. I have rather much been out of the “boss-loop” during the winter/spring and I have kept my distance from heavy burdens but as everything has a bad side so does that. The bad side is that I get more sensitive in bad situations. Hypothosys: The more bad situations you get into the the less negative impact each situation make on you. The key issue here is obviously to try to make bad situations into good situations, basically by talking with the person/s involved. Some situations you cannot always make any difference in and then you just have to live with it and keep working forward. Another important thing is not to plan to far ahead in life. E.g. me and Kåre today discussed recruiment issues that won’t happen until earliest one year from now and that feels to me like a good thing to “ignore” for another 6 months or so.
I have been spending some time in Orkut and a couple of days ago I got my first fan. Steve Pulver from Pulver Innovations. COOL 🙂 I always get impressed when “big” people notice me 🙂
Landing soon and I better get back to answering emails (sigh).