Sigh, 41MB email

One of my co-workers (Fredrik Karlsson) just sent me an 41MB email !!!! Can you image a professional in the computer science business sending that large emails 🙁 Had to wait for 1.5 minutes for my inbox to open. Hrrmrmrmrrrrmrmrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. The email was a bunch of presentations from a research meeting we had last week (my Umeå trip) but also all the digital photos they took there. WWW is a working medium, even the press have known that since around 1995 when they invented the Internet (I wonder what I was using before that?).
That feels better. Now of to bed to read some Tom Clancy, Executive Orders (more about that tomorrow!!)

Rate Me (or my Blog)

Have you noted the Rate Me section to the right? Now you have! Give me a vote and tell me what you think about this Blog! Please (with sugar on top 🙂 It you want to say something more than just a number then comment this note or any other note on this Blog. Please (with honey on top).

No longer a virgin: Online voting

I have now done my first online real voting (not the normal online voting stuff) but a real political issue! The question was if the central street down town should be for busses only (for all Americans, the kind of vehicle that more than person rides at a time 😉 or for busses and cars. I obviously voted for the former (not having either drivers license or car). I have actually voted twice tonight. Johanna was to lazy to do it herself!
As of 22.26 tonight I am no longer an online voting virgin.

Video conferencing research direction

I just read an old paper (1992-93) entitled “Why Do Users Like Video? Studies of Multimedia-Supported Collaboration” by John C. Tang and Ellen Isaacs. The paper is long paper and reports on an investigation they did within SUN regarding different video conferencing solutions. They write many good points but one thing really stood out:

“Rather, we should strive to understand how new forms of interaction can be integrated with the existing ones into people’s day-to-day work”

Too much research in this area today is done on the technical details underneath ( that is what I got my PhD in!).