Rest of the day…

All my food for tomorrow is now ready. I also made a salmon broth that put into the freezer and of which I am going to make a Tom Yam soup from later on.
8 hours and 57 minutes until they arrive. Apparently the air conditioning is broken on the train so they had something like 32 degrees in their and could not sleep. If they open the window is sounds way to much. Loud noise or overheating. Nice choice.
I stopped watching Femme Fatale because I didn’t have any subtitles and half of the dialogue in the movie seems to be in french. Watched a bit on Joe Somebody (boring) and a bit on The Sweetest Thing (boring). Continued with the remake of Solaris (boring) and finally watched the whole 28 days later. Ahh now that is my kind of movie. Everybody dies, a new kind of plague. Like the night of the living dead with zombie like people trying to eat everybody. Woohoo. Yes I am tired 🙂
I’ll better get some sleep then as I have to get up before 7.00 tomorrow. The bus leaves at 07.30.


I just HAD to take a break. I am totally overheated. It’s 29 degrees in the house…
I cycled down towards town with my bike cart, got as far as Porsön centre when I realized that I didn’t have my wallet with me. Cycled back home and then down town. Got there at 11:48 and decided that I was eating out today. Baan Thai. Thai buffée. Yummy and after a while so full 🙂 Bought 40 roses, mixed colors for Johanna and 2 small salmons. Headed for Kvantum where I shopped some more, tons of food. Got home at 14.00, unpacked and rested until 15.00 when I started all the cooking. It is now 17:15 and the two brunch breads are down, the cheese cake in the oven for the second bake and the dough for the ciabatta and breadsticks is currently growing. I put fresh peaches into the sweet brunch bread. Looked very good but I haven’t tried it yet. It is the kind that you cannot cut until you eat it the first time.
Sigh, I am tired and I now resting on the couch watching Femme Fatale.

Morrn Morrn

Well god morning to you all. My day phase shift worked fine as I woke up at 07.20 and got up at 08.10 after tossing and turning a bit. It felt really nice to wake up in a clean house. Not tons of cloths lying about in the bedroom and the bathroom smelled clean. It was a delight.
Today is my welcome home preparation day. I am going to go shopping and I am going to bake an american cheese cake. J’s favorite. For breakfast tomorrow I planned we will have fresh fruit (pineapple, different melons, strawberries and kiwi) together with a ciabatta and breadsticks (both home made of course). T really liked breadsticks when we were in Egypt earlier this year. Well, so did I 🙂
If the weather and T’s mood holds we will head out for a picknick during the day and for that I planned my favorite brunch bread. Both the sweet and non-sweet but the latter without bananas as J cannot stand them. I’ll use peach and pineapple instead. Yummy.
For dinner I planned sushi but we might be too tired when we get home so we might save the sushi for Saturday and eat something easy instead. Perhaps pizza to celebrate? I know T wants pizza anyhow 🙂 She always does.
12 red roses on the table when she gets home will do nicely as well. Or should I bring them to the train station when I meet them? What do you think?
Now I have finished by breakfast and I am going to make a shopping list and head out into the summer heat. It is “only” 26 degrees in the shade.
Take care and please be happy!


It feels like I have been cleaning ALL DAY, but I haven’t. The house is now polished and shining clean. Woohooo. I applied the 15/15 rule when doing the cleaning which helped a lot, i.e. 15 minutes cleaning and 15 minutes doing fun stuff. It comes from The FlyLady. If I would have been a real FlyBaby, I would only have had to clean for 15 minutes in total, but as I am not I cleaned actively for about 2 hours. It is really nice when it is done though!!
Only 1 day, 10 hours, and 2 minutes left now!! I cannot hardly wait. J called today and said that yesterday she missed me so much so she already started packing. Nice! I liked that.
After all the cleaning I was beat and ate some food (the very last of my stew. I actually ate it twice today, both for lunch and for dinner. But now it is gone…. Watched Agent Cody Banks. Rather entertaining movie. I liked it, and that is good as J is going to force me to watch it again with her 🙂 Grade: 4 out of 5 pepper corns.
During my cleaning pauses I read some more in the first of my nanotechnology books. Very interesting indeed. Highly recommended reading.
Listened some more on Per Gessle’s new album and I must say that you get tired of it quite quickly. It is not really Gyllene Tider quality. Downloaded some U2 and some more U96 during the day as well!
It is now 22:20 and I heading for bed!!


Got into bed around 21 yesterday and started reading a new book (Pappa Polis) and around 21.20 I turned of the lights. Slept like a log until 06.00, turned around and next time woke up 07.20. Really tired but forced myself to go up.
Started the day by downloading some new music, my old favorite U96. All my U96 music got lost about 1.5 years ago due to a disk crash. I like them and found some new re-mixes I hadn’t heard before. This is an interesting effect of downloading music via the Internet. Not only is it so much cheaper but also you find new strange versions of all songs. Like e.g. all the bootlegs and master tapes I found with Beatles last week.
Next, tried to come to a conclusion about which ISP to connect to via my new fiber connection. LuNet (the city net operator) is going to send out new papers “soon”, but I am still curious. The one with the best information on the net is Tele2 and they seem the most professional. Telenordia is no more, and the Internet part is now Bahnhof. The others are Arrowhead (my friend Jalle has them at home at he pukes over their bad Internet access every week, i.e. it is broken quite often) and finally Internet5 who just confuses me with their information on their site. I guess I am going to go with Tele2. Independently of whom I choose I am going to have to live with NAT at home as I will only get one public IP address. With my current connection (company ADSL) I have as many public IP addresses I like via LTU.
Some links:
Erik found a nice extension to DreamWeaver for editing Moveable Type sites. Just some XML info and much more is needed but it is a good start. Installed, tested and it does what it is supposed to do.
The blind hen proposes that we should trade in seats for lunch restaurants, just like stocks. Head over and read it. It is really funny and might become a reality???
It is now 10.20 and my girls will arrive in 1 day, 22 hours, and 2 minutes! Woohooo. Today is house cleaning day but first a quick shower and then some breakfast. I guess I sound like Alfons Åberg, “Skall bara….”.
Kiwotsukete ne.

[Written while listening to: Das Boot 2001 (dj errik remix – U96 – BMI Kicks Ass]

Still up

I have now been up for 33 hours and it might be time for bed. I have watched a whole bunch of movies, read tons of blogs, but I haven’t heard anything from J. The girls are now with her mother in Jönköping and I still haven’t spoken with my mother in law since the break up. Yes, I am a coward! :-/
Not much to write about when you lay on the sofa since midday.

[Written while watching: Friends – 1×16&1×17]


In August 2002 I decided that I had wasted enough time on computer games (quite a lot of time actually over the years). I was a real gameoholic that just HAD to play computers games. Anyhow, I have spent some time on Quake (which nerd hasn’t?) and today I found a movie of some guys playing through all episodes in 12 minutes. I am guessing they are cheating a bit and the final movie is cut together from several tries, but it is still impressive to see them do it. The movie is 165 MB and behind my slow up-link, but download it you really really like to. Here: Galen snubbe spelar igenom Quake 1 på 12 minuter.avi.

[Written while listening to: Sakta Mina Steg – Per Gessle – Mazarin]

Still alive…

I am still alive and strangely enough I don’t feel sleepy. Has somebody slipped some drugs into me?
Anyhow, I have been really busy this morning. First I got a visit from the local energy company (Luleå Energi) that suddenly wanted blow fiber into my house and I said of course, welcome. So they did that 🙂 Right now I have high speed ADSL with 5.5Mbps down and .75Mbps up. With fiber I will get 100 Mbps both ways with 10 Mbps guaranteed. Yummy.
Right after the fiber guy left, flextronics showed up with new memory for my computer that I called Dell about yesterday. Now my computer is working fine again. It is amazing what a big difference 512 MB versus 1024 MB makes in my computer (yes I run a lot of stuff).
After that I played detective over the phone. In the beginning of July I was stupid enough to pay in advance for an Internet order. Hey, it was a Swedish company that had been around for several years. Only when I didn’t get any package from them I found out that they had gone belly up, but their Internet shop was still open and was automagically sending out order confirmations with instructions on how to pay. Anyhow, I talked with their stock broker, district court and finally the lawyer firm handling the bankruptcy. The company will start over from scratch with new owners and my chances to get any package from them is very slim according to the lawyer I talked with. It wasn’t the case handler so the information was not final. He will be in tomorrow and hopefully I will get some more information then.
Not bad for a brain on vacation and without any sleep, right?! 🙂
And it is getting warmer and warmer. Right now it is 23.8 degrees.

[Written while listening to: Gungar – Per Gessle – Mazarin]