I am sitting here in the sofa watching TV (Robinsson). This is the first actual TV program I’m watching since last Saturday. I have more and more switched over to only watching series and movies downloaded from the net. Earlier this week I finished the series John Doe which I highly recommend. The availability of so many movies and series (before they get up on the big screen or are aired) totally changes my TV habits!!
Earlier this week I was out at Brändön with my leadership education group (three days) and as always it had its lows in the beginning, but after 1.5 days I felt great. I had a very good session with Jerker where we ironed out a number of issues, both professional and personal. As always I learned a number of new things about myself and I also came to some conclusions. The latter includes that I should not plan for the rest of my life but try to keep the horizon closer. Since the summer the horizon has drifted further and further away from me making all decision huge. The conclusion I have come to regarding my personal future is that I should relax for a while (weeks? months?) and let the future iron out itself. Barbro “painted” me a nice picture where I am standing with one foot on each side of a trench with each arm being pulled by myself in different directions. Her suggestion was to relax, take a good stand and let the solution grew out and show itself. I was out at Brändön Monday to Wednesday and since I got back my energy level has risen and I feel rather good. My trip to San Francisco was very good and relaxing. A climate change is always good, but as soon as I got back my energy disappeared. But as I said, now it is back and I feel rather good!
The only concrete thing that has happened with my work situation is that Kåre now is the division head. It was settled Thursday a week ago and Kåre announced it to the division Monday this week. Unofficially I was demoted before I left for the US, about one month ago.
For recreation I have been reading a lot (a book update will come later) and playing the car racing games Need for Speed Hot Pursuit 2 and Need for Speed Underground. The latter is really cool!!
Last week our dish washer broke down and while I was out at Brändön J went out and but a new one, as well as a new freezer, a new refrigerator and a new microwave oven. Even T got a new toy, a “baby” dish washer 🙂
Yesterday we watched S.W.A.T. which was a disappointment. A while back we watched Identity and it was really good. I like movies with a new kind of story or a twist in the end.


For the first time in a long time I wrote a long message about how I feel this weekend. I had been writing it on and off during the afternoon and to be honest I forgot about it. While installing a new webcamera under Windows it asked me to restart the computer, and hey I wasn’t doing anything important was I? No, and it rebooted. Of course my blogging tool, w.bloggar doesn’t save anything by autosave and my whole post got lost in /dev/null. 🙁 🙁
To summarize, I don’t feel to well this weekend. All agitated and jumpy. I have not been sleeping very well (woke up at 5.30 this morning). Now I have to iron a bit before putting T to bed.

Laptop with a thin edge?!

I like cool devices and Sony has “done it” for me a couple of times. Their latest laptop, the PCG-X505 is THIN. 9.7mm thick and weighs only 785 grams! Than is thinner than my palm!!! It has a 1GHz processor, 512MB of RAM, and a 10.4-inch display but no wlan built in and all normal connectors are moved to an external mini-dock. Read all about it!