Back from Tenerife

We are now back from Tenerifa. We actually got back yesterday around lunch. The version is that the place and the weather was wonderful, BUT unfortunately we had to spend two and half days at the hospital as Tovah fell and cracked her elbow the first evening we got there. Below is some random notes I wrote on my palm when I was down there. Have fun!
By the way, today we went to the local hospital, took another x-ray and everything looked fine. They will remove the cast in two weeks and then one week later remove the pins in her arm.
Friday February 6, Saturday 7 and Sunday 8.
We are now sitting on the plane to saturate. Tovah is watching Barbapappa, Johanna is studying and I am reading a book (The Generals daughter).
Yesterday we spent in Stockholm together with Jennifer. We got into town at 0730, had breakfast at McDonalds. Actually we only spent 15:- SEK on pancakes for Tovah and ate our leftovers and food that we had brought with us from Luleå, pizza, yoghurt and hard bread with boiled eggs.
Around 0900 Jennifer joined us and we headed out on town. It was rather cold and after hitting some shops we headed out to the Technical Museum where they had a new exhibition on robots. We were rather disappointed though as many of the robots were broken or you couldn’t interact with them. They e.g. had the famous baby seal (health care usage) but it was locked inside a plastic bubble.
The rest of the museum did not have much new things since the last time we were there 3 years earlier. It was a pleasant time anyhow.
At around 1400 we headed into town and had a large family pizza at Pizza Hut. Tovah ate nicely and after one large slice she puked up everything. She filled two plates. Now that is a refund.
After the pizza we were so tired so we just did some food shopping, took the train out to Arlanda. Once there I bought two hamburgers for Tovah and we had to wait for 45 minutes for the transportation to the hotel, the SAS Park Inn. Well there we found out that they had sent the transport to the wrong terminal the first time. We also found out that the breakfast did not open until 0600 and we had to leave at 0525. BUT after giving us a scare she told us that there was some sandwiches served before 6.
We went to bed at 1900 and all three of us well asleep immediately. I woke up at 4 and took a shower.
The transportation out to Arlanda took about 30 minutes including changing busses at Arlanda Hotelby. Sigh. But we should not get excited, should we now. We are on vacation 🙂
Somewhere we read that flight food was not included so I had taken a few extra sandwiches at the hotel but on the plane we found out that it indeed was included. Tovah got a bunch of small pancakes which she devoured and the rest of us got omelette with small sausages. Quite ok for airplane food. All drinks were extra and expensive of course.
During the week we at the division decided where we are going to have our summer retreat, Madeira. We are going the whole division for a one week trip to Ocean Park hotel. The same hotel I stayed at a couple of years ago. We are going to have halfboard and I have booked one two room apartment with a real kitchen where we will be having lunch (I am food meister) and which we will use as a conference room. We will do some levada hiking and really try to get the group together. 13 persons are going! I must admit that it felt a bit strange to book a 13 person trip the same day I was leaving on vacation. I think Madeira will be a wonderful place for the summer retreat though. I just hope I can get all the logistics settled for food etc. and that everybody will be satisfied with the trip.
We have had colds all week but today I think all are ok again. Tovah still has a bit of a cough but not too bad.
Monday Feb 9
Sunday evening when shopping food Tovah fell down and hurt her arm. She cried all the way home and fell asleep in mommy’s arms. She woke up around 5 and around 7 we decided we had to go and see a doctor. She cannot bend her right elbow. Right now we are waiting for the x-ray to come back and to see her doctor again. It is fun being moved around the hospital not being able to understand what they are saying. We did get a translator when registering and seeing the doctor though.
Tuesday February 10
We are now back at the hotel again and are having a siesta.
Tovah had a crack in her elbow and they performed surgery yesterday around 17 and she woke up 1 hour later. She is doing very well but now we cannot go bathing anymore as her arm is in a cast.
She was very scared yesterday and in the evening when the doctor just wanted to check she started crying just by seeing him.
It is amazing how children adapt when they are broken. She only has one arm now but does everything anyhow. She would do well from sleeping a bit but she is too tired.
It is very frightening having ones child rolled off into surgery and you cannot watch what they are doing.
In general the service a the hospital was very good. It is a private hospital with a large staff of translator working as administrators and there seems to be a never ending stream of work pouring in.
I cooked a meat stew for dinner today and the meat here is much better than in Sweden. Soft and tasty.

More Tenerif

Forgot to mention that we are going to stay in a 3 room apartment with two bed rooms and a kitchen.It is about 1.5 Km from the sea but some walking is just good for you. Today the temperature high was 24 (Celcius :-).


During the weekend we decided that we needed some sun and beach so after many hours of looking through catalogues and looking over all the details we today booked a one week trip to Tenerif. We will be staying at the Compostela Golf III apartments. The trip is Sunday February 8 to 15, but we are leaving Friday evening by train to Stockholm where we will spend the Saturday. Then sleep over night at Arlanda and leave early Sunday morning. On the way back we will sleep over in Stockholm again and then fly to Luleå Monday morning and be back home again around Monday lunch. A nice short trip and it will cost us about 22000 less than our original winter vacation (which we cancelled).
A fun note is that the trip between Stockholm and Luleå on the way back was really cheap. 17:- per person 🙂 plus tax and fees it ends up at 290:-.
Anyhow, it is going to be fun to get away from the snow a few days and play with Tovah for a whole week.