The Future of Luleå University of Technology

“Det skapande universitet”, the Creative University is a term that was created a couple of years ago. It was created by a group of people
within the Luleå University of Technology and many attempts have been
undertaken to try to create a common view around the subject. A lot of
people became saved (“frälsta”), some got scared away but still the majority of employees and students just don’t care today. How can we make progress on this issue?

Let us first talk about, what it is NOT about. It is not a question about if research should belong to arenas or not. It is not a question
about if we should have arenas, programs or both. It is not a question about being saved or not. It is not a question about strange names,
definitions or terms. The latter is very common in the academic culture where everything have to be analyzed into its smallest
components, and have to be redefined over and over again. This is very good for research, but unfortunately it is not very good for the
development of an organization and this analyzing skill is the very essence of the university culture. Sometimes, this leads to an
aggressive attitude (not intentional I am sure), which in turn can lead to a withdrawal where people get very afraid of saying or doing
anything. To make progress, we have to think about when we apply our great analyzing skills, and I want to urge all of you to try to be
more open minded and trust the people around you. Give us all some slack, we are all doing the best we can! If you don’t agree with what
somebody is saying or doing, tell that person that as soon as possible. Remember that it is never too late do it. Don’t keep it to yourself or go around and tell everybody else behind the persons back!

There are a number facts in our surroundings that force us to take action. Changes in the society makes fewer students apply to the
university and the classical programs and subjects. Changes within research funding agencies pushes research towards more fundamental
research and huge projects, increasing the competition. The world is becoming more and more international and in Sweden we have e.g. been very slow in adopting netbased learning on a larger scale. Image what will happen when the large international universities really start to attract students from the whole world and not only specific geographic areas.

The world is moving and we have to adapt,

or we will be left behind!

So, what is this really about then? It is about the Future of Luleå University of Technology! It is about getting more students. It is
about getting more money. It is about getting more visibility in the world.

This is VERY important and everybody has to contribute!

How can YOU contribute?
1: Convince yourself that this is important (because it is).
2: Go talk to others, convince them as well.
3: Get involved in different activities to make the University more forceful, both within Sweden and in rest of the World.
Make yourself heard and don’t just sit there and wait for others to take the initiative. Don’t be put off by “strange” attitudes from
others. Remember that we are all different, and nobody within the University is here to destroy you or your work. Please, do not get
stuck of definitions or terms.

Seize the opportunity and let us all together transform

Luleå University of Technology

into the most attractive and best university in the world!

At the keyboard, Dr. Peter Parnes,
Proud member of the LTU community since 1990.

Tired or it all….

Today I had the first part of a 3 day seminar meeting with 90 of the Universities leaders with the overall goal of defining how the Universities new organization (“Det skapande universitetet”) should be implemented. Or at least that was what I thought the goal was before coming there. The Meeting started at 13.00 with lunch and went on until 22.00. It started with some general remarks from the consultants and the president of the University, Ingegerd Palmer. After that we were divided into groups of 5 with one from each leadership course group (I am in group 5) and we discussed for an hour. After that we had 1.5 hours of general assembly of what they called Speakers Corner where everybody that wanted got a chance to say what they wanted about the implementation process and other things. It all felt so washed out. Haven’t we already discussed all this? Like 5 times over the last years? Feel like the exact same issues discussed on the very first meeting we had in the 50-group 4-5 years ago. At dinner time, 18.15 I just got tired of it all and left. I was so tired and it felt like such a waste of time, both mine and the others that were there. We were about 90 persons there. Tomorrow we are supposed to start at 0800 and go on until 20.30 when a dinner starts which means that one has to stay until at least 22.00. Friday starts at the “normal” 08.00 and goes on until 15.30. I spent the evening riding my bike instead and that felt much more productive as I got the time to sort out a number of thoughts that were crawling around in my head.
We’ll see if I have the energy to join the process tomorrow or if I’ll spend it on things that I feel are more valuable.
On a side note, tomorrow it is 3 weeks since I asked Jerker what he thought about me becoming Associate Professor and I still haven’t received any answer (yes I have reminded him several times). Feels rather strange.
I guess I am falling back to just giving the finger to it all. Perhaps, I should join the great team at Nestle and become a pea counter? Or on a more serious note, perhaps it is time to move on and look for another job?
I am so tired, so tired of it all. What is the point. Oh well, perhaps I feel better tomorrow. :-/

Wonderful Weekend

What a wonderful weekend! The real pre-summer is here. We have been eating outside on the porch and I have cycled 25 Km (10 yesterday and 15 today).
Yesterday evening we had to change a roof tile which had broken and almost fallen down from the roof, leaving a big hole. Johanna had to stand on a high ladder standing on the roof of the front porch.
I also finally solved my problems of transcoding Divx3 to Divx5 using Virtual Dub. Previously, most of the movies had failed to transcode due to errors in the frames leaving VirtualDub with an uncompleted transcoding. Yesterday I found a new setting though where it first checked the whole movie for errors and then did the transcoding. Why it doesn’t do this during the transcoding I don’t understand though.
Yesterday, I we saw Ice Age for the second time this week. It is so funny!!!
Today we also took a walk to Björsbyn and looked at the horses. For dinner we had tons of sushi. My favorite 🙂

More publications and other things….

It has been a bit quiet here and the reason is work work work. I just finished a paper yesterday.
Secure Inclusion of Phones into Online E-Meetings by Peter Parnes
and Marcus Nilsson submitted a paper as well.
In the Borderland Between Wearable Computers and Pervasive Computing by Marcus Nilsson, Mikael Drugge, and Peter Parnes
Besides that it has been a week of a lot of cycling. The spring is here so it is at least 5 degrees even late at night. The SUN doesn’t really set until 21.00 which is nice! My knee hurts a bit though unfortunately, but shouldn’t stop me, right?
My mother is coming today around 15.00 and staying until Wednesday morning, meaning I am forced not to work 😉
A lot has happened in the last week, Concorde will be grounded, Intel withdrew all new P4 processors, I rediscovered Latex (I had forgotten how much fun it is ;-), the JainSIP1.1 spec is now final in stone, I found a new marvellous Blog, the Science Blog, I made a short visit into LuddKom again plus much much more!!!

More publications

Three more publications submitted from my group:
Supporting Emeetings on Java capable Mobile Phones by Roland Parviainen, and Peter Parnes
Experiences of Conveying Knowledge in Borderland by Mikael Drugge, Marcus Nilsson, Johan Kristiansson, and Peter Parnes
Applying User behavior to Bandwidth Adaptations in Collaborative Workspace Applications and Video Conferencing by Stefan Elf, Jeremiah Scholl, and Peter Parnes
Also Christer Åhlund got a paper accepted today:
Multihoming with Mobile IP by Christer Åhlund and Arkady Zaslavsky
Published at the 6th IEEE International Conference on High Speed Networks and Multimedia Communications HSNMC’03, July 23-25, 2003, Estoril, Portugal

My father robbed

Just found out that my father was robbed last week. Two youngsters kicked him in the head and took his wallet and cellphone. They got 1200 SEK and my father got a hurt shoulder, a constant headache and a pair of broken glasses.
What a fucking world this is 🙁