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Nu är Tovah bättre. Hin var lite kass i magen under dagen men är nu bättre men trött. Sov flera timmar under dagen och somnade tidigt (1830) och sover på. Tror nog hon är i princip frisk imorgon men hon får nog vara hemma resten av veckan. Vi får se…
Nu skall jag lägga mig och läsa någon ny bok, hmm, skall jag läsa Fahrenheit 451 eller Greg Bears Vitals?
Någon som har några rekommendationer kanske för framtiden?

Kajsa Ingermarsson

Nu har jag läst två böcker till skrivna av Kajsa Ingemarsson, Inte enklare än så och På det fjärde skall det ske. Tidigare har jag läst Små gula citroner och av dessa tre rekommenderar jag främst citronboken följd av På det fjärde skall det ske samt sist Inte enklare än så.
Citronboken var tydligen sveriges mest sålda bok förra året och var mycket underhållande. Handlar om livet med att öppna och driva en restaurang i Tokholma.
På det fjärde skal det ske handlar om en tjej som försöker hitta sin plats i livet och försöka slå sig till ro, vilket inte alltid är det lättaste.
Inte enklare än så handlar om en kvinna som strular till sitt äktenskap och försöker hitta tillbaka till det roliga igen.
Alla tre är läsvärda men skall du läsa en så läs Citronboken!

Book report

It is time for a book report. What have I been reading during the autumn?
The Teeth of the Tiger, Tom Clancy. Very good good book. The Ryan story continues, this time with about Jack Ryan Jr. If you have enjoyed the other Clancy books the you will like this one.
En annan tid, ett annat liv. Leif GW Persson. Good police story about a small murder that turns into something bigger. Not the best book I have read but entertaining.
Ondskan. Jan Guillou. The book about Guillou’s childhood, or at least that is what he says. Rumours say that he has made up the whole thing though. Independently of it is true or not it was a very good book.
Häxornas försvarare. Guillou, Jan. Started reading this a while back but I stopped after a few chapters. I started reading it just after finished the fourth Arn book and it was just too much old times (at that time :-).
Tornseglarna, Kristoffer Leandoer. A childrens fantasy book about parallel worlds. I didn’t know it was a childrens book when starting it but it was good anyhow 🙂
Ont blod, Arne Dahl. Murder, murders, murders. Very good detective story. Read it!
Skuld, Karin Alvtegen. Now this was a good movie. Sort of a book with a nice twist. I like those. Well worth reading.
Rita Rubinstein åker tunnelbana i den bästa av världar. Anita Goldman. Boring. About how it is to be jewish in Stockholm. Only read about 1/3.
Right now I am reading The Plague, Albert Camus. I have read bout 1/5 but I am thinking about switching. To the Davincy Code perhaps?
And several more that I have forgotten about.

San Francisco

On Tuesday I am leaving for San Francisco. I will be attending the Multimedia 2003 conference in San Francisco, or actually the conference is in Berkeley but the restaurants are better in San Francisco and it only takes 15 minutes to get there with the Bart. I will be gone until November 10.
Monday and Tuesday I will spend in Boden with the Systemteknik department. The main issue is obviously how to handle the problem of to few students.
November 18-21 I had planned to attend the Microsoft Research Academic Days: Security in Distributed Systems but I figured it will take to much time. Microsoft would actually pay for the trip and the housing. Quite generous of them, right? The topic wasn’t perfectly right for me though.
Tomorrow is the exam in SMD151. 110 students and the following exams I have to correct. Fun fun fun. That will have to wait until I get back from the States.
With all the other short trips planned for November, if I had attended the Microsoft Research thing then I would have had 6 working days in Luleå during November!
Finished reading Grisham’s latest, The King of Torts yesterday. A VERY good book which I recommend to everybody. I continued with Clancy’s latest, The Teeth of the Tiger. Not much happening yet but it is a Clancy.
The snow has hit Luleå. It is white outside. White is nice but unfortunately I cannot ride my bike during the winter 🙁 I need my training or else I will get fat as a pig and totally restless. Today I went for a fast walk. It was only 35 minutes but when I got back I felt really pepped up. What a difference some exercise can do. I need more endorphins, what a great drug it is.
During last weekend I switched over to using my fiber instead of my ADSL and during the day it works splendidly but during the evening (between 16.00 and 24.00) and totally flakes out with high delay. It is still usable but rather bad. Throughput is OK but you get very high delay getting into Tele2’s core network. Support say that they have ordered new hardware but hasn’t given me any dates on when the problem will be fixed. When the network is not loaded I get over 10Mbps between my home and the university. Hmm, I just checked and tonight it seems OK. Might they have upgraded today or is it not used as heavily this evening? We will see… Besides the longer delay in the network it works very good. Stable and good. Hopefully the local peering will get set up during the winter and then we will get real banded out to the rest of the world by going via SUNET (what I cannot do that? 😉 I don’t know if I need that though. Tele2’s world Internet access seems rather good. Anyhow the whole deal is much cheaper than my Telia company ADSL.
No, now I have to get my attention back to the movie, Ghost of Mars.

A long quiet week

It has been a long quiet week on this Blog. I haven’t been able to find myself in writing mood, it just hasn’t felt right.
Tomorrow I am meeting with Jerker to discuss what I hopefully will feel after the meeting is OUR joint plans for the Media Technology division. As I wrote before I have gotten the feeling that he has totally put me aside and he feels that it is his responsibility to solve this, not mine. Also, it is now clear that he is leaving as prefect as soon as possible to attack the next step on his ladder as dean of the technical faculty. One possible candidate is Thomas, the current pro-prefect for Systemteknik and head of the control group division. I am a bit divided in how I feel about if Thomas will be good on that position or not. He is a very listening person while at the same time he can be very black and white. He is unfortunately not very pragmatic, very much the same way as the previous prefect, Bengt. Anyhow, the meeting with Jerker has been on my mind all weekend unfortunately.
During the week I have had the honour of attending another part of my management course and I had a very good interview with Sören. One conclusion is (it comes back over and over again) that I shouldn’t be afraid of conflicts, both in positive and negative meaning.
Tuesday evening our 18-group (the management course participants) plus the PMI coaches were all invited to Britta’s huge house. It is an old transformer building build about 100 years ago. It is three stories high and the top floor is just one large room with over 5 meters in ceiling height and the room is over 100 m2. This was one of the most beautiful houses I have ever seen!! I have tons of photos but I haven’t had the will to put them online yet. The party was very nice indeed even if the not the whole group came. It was also Sören’s 41:st birthday. Congratulations my friend!! Freddie was there in spirit and I really missed him not being there. He had been part of all our earlier sessions and it felt wrong when he wasn’t there.
This Sunday I spent almost entirely with Tovah. We played two Mulle Meck games, building houses and cars and the latter was of the two my favorite. A bit to advanced for Tovah to play on her own but I enjoyed it and Tovah enjoyed being there with me 🙂 We also went for a magic story time at the Norrbotten’s Museum. 45 minutes of interactive store telling and Tovah got to play one of the main leads. I think she thought it was a bit scary to be up there because she didn’t really understand what she was supposed to do. Bruno, the magician was very good and entertaining for both young and old.
By the way, we have cancelled our winter vacation to the Phi-Phi islands because we thought it was to expensive. We will take a cheaper trip during the winter instead. Perhaps Madeira again? I really enjoyed it there. Or perhaps just a cheap trip to the Canary islands?! We’ll see….
Yesterday I played with setting up a new router for my Tele2 connection with automatic Tele2 login, firewall, NAT gateway, dynamic DNS etc. etc. It took some time to learn everything but I now have a fully working gateway and during the week I will migrate some of the computers to test how it works “in production”. There is nothing wrong with the bandwidth (about 10Mbps down and 8-9 Mbps up towards LTU).
I also found a new great gadget blog, Gizmodo (yes I am a gadget maniac even though it is not as important to me anymore).
It feels good to write again, I don’t know why I stop when I feel down. It is just the same with my physical training. As soon as I feel infirm I stop training, but I know that if I train I will feel better. I just have to push myself harder. This weekend I have cycled about 20 Km in two days which at least something but way to little for me to get that good being feeling about myself.
I saw the Hulk earlier this week and it was very good actually, at least the second part. Also finished 24 season 2 last week and I am really looking forward to season 3 which starts in two weeks in the US. Haven’t decided yet if I want to wait until the whole series has been aired and then watch it in condensed form (as I did with series 2) or see each episode directly as they “leak” out on the net. The one that lives will see 🙂 I highly recommend this to anybody that enjoys action movies. During the whole season 2 I only felt one episode being “series boring” and that is a very good grade coming from me regarding a TV series!!
Book wise I have finished the trilogy about Arn, the Temple Knight and I am now in the middle of the fourth book in that series, the Arn Heritage. I enjoyed the three first books very much but the fourth feels from time to time more like a history facts book than a novel.
Well, it is time for another night in bed with the lovely wife. Good night, sleep tight and don’t let the bedbugs bite!


Got a few book tips from Calum Bingham!

Greetings Dr Peppar
I discovered your web site last night and have been reading your entries and looking at your photos – which I have enjoyed and found interesting.
I live with my family in Auckland, New Zealand. A long way geographically from you – but distance is nothing on the internet.
I have some reading recommendations for you:
“Northern Lights” by Phillip Pullman. First book of a trilogy
that is very well written, a great story with much suspense.
It won the English “Guardian” newspaper award and also the “Carnegie” medal – both very reputable awards.
“Hokkaido Highway Blues” by Will Fergusson. This is an extremely readable and funny book written by a Canadian
who hitched from the southern most island of Japan to the
northern island – often had me laughing out loud – very good for armchair travellers.
I’m not sure if either of these is to your taste but if you ask around I think they would both be recommended.(Not sure if books in english are widely available where you are?).
Anyway, happy reading…
Calum Bingham
P.S. A couple of sci fi movies – “Existenz” and “Signs” – have a look….

Thanks!!!! 🙂

Photo Possessed

Organizing ones photos is fun but there are so many 🙂 A nice thing with having some meta data attached to them is that you can make nice searches. Here is some: Tovah, Spirit, Burley, Peter, Teknikens Hus, Pooh, and Tiger.
SInce my last post I have added Misc March to June and 122 photos and a movie from Magnus Berglund’s 30 year party.
So what have I done besides playing with my photos. Yesterday we had a really relaxing day. I was resting my knee so we stayed home. This morning I woke up at 8 which was before Tovah. I am catching up with my sleep needs. The girls woke up around 9 and we spent the next hour by me reading out loud from my current book, “Ont Blod”. Not the most perfect Tovah book but she enjoyed it for at least 30 minutes. Ended up in front of the computer and it might be time for breakfast?!
Unfortunately, it looks the autumn is approaching. It is getting colder. The SUN is out but it is only 16 degrees 🙁 It is also getting dark at night. Luleå where I live has had the most sun hours of all cities in Sweden though. We have had a great summer.
Haven’t decided what we are going to do today.

Morning on the Porch

I had a wonderful day yesterday. The ladies arrived 3 minutes late and we started the day with a fruit breakfast on the porch followed by presents. J liked 3 out of 4 presents as well as the flowers. The rest of the day we spent bathing, cycling, eating good food. After T finally fell asleep we ate some more fruit, drunk some bubbly and had you know what of the sofa :-). A great day all in all.
Before falling asleep I finished Pappa Polis. Good book written from a 10 year olds perspective.
Also found out yesterday that Dick’s funeral will be August 23 10.00 in the cathedral (“Domkyrkan”),
At 06:50 T woke up this morning and in turn woke up me. We have so far eaten breakfast, climbed the mountain, played at the playground and T had bathed outdoors. It isn’t so warm today, only 21 degrees and cloudy. Not the best bathing weather.

[Written while watching Tovah play with clay.]


It feels like I have been cleaning ALL DAY, but I haven’t. The house is now polished and shining clean. Woohooo. I applied the 15/15 rule when doing the cleaning which helped a lot, i.e. 15 minutes cleaning and 15 minutes doing fun stuff. It comes from The FlyLady. If I would have been a real FlyBaby, I would only have had to clean for 15 minutes in total, but as I am not I cleaned actively for about 2 hours. It is really nice when it is done though!!
Only 1 day, 10 hours, and 2 minutes left now!! I cannot hardly wait. J called today and said that yesterday she missed me so much so she already started packing. Nice! I liked that.
After all the cleaning I was beat and ate some food (the very last of my stew. I actually ate it twice today, both for lunch and for dinner. But now it is gone…. Watched Agent Cody Banks. Rather entertaining movie. I liked it, and that is good as J is going to force me to watch it again with her 🙂 Grade: 4 out of 5 pepper corns.
During my cleaning pauses I read some more in the first of my nanotechnology books. Very interesting indeed. Highly recommended reading.
Listened some more on Per Gessle’s new album and I must say that you get tired of it quite quickly. It is not really Gyllene Tider quality. Downloaded some U2 and some more U96 during the day as well!
It is now 22:20 and I heading for bed!!


Got into bed around 21 yesterday and started reading a new book (Pappa Polis) and around 21.20 I turned of the lights. Slept like a log until 06.00, turned around and next time woke up 07.20. Really tired but forced myself to go up.
Started the day by downloading some new music, my old favorite U96. All my U96 music got lost about 1.5 years ago due to a disk crash. I like them and found some new re-mixes I hadn’t heard before. This is an interesting effect of downloading music via the Internet. Not only is it so much cheaper but also you find new strange versions of all songs. Like e.g. all the bootlegs and master tapes I found with Beatles last week.
Next, tried to come to a conclusion about which ISP to connect to via my new fiber connection. LuNet (the city net operator) is going to send out new papers “soon”, but I am still curious. The one with the best information on the net is Tele2 and they seem the most professional. Telenordia is no more, and the Internet part is now Bahnhof. The others are Arrowhead (my friend Jalle has them at home at he pukes over their bad Internet access every week, i.e. it is broken quite often) and finally Internet5 who just confuses me with their information on their site. I guess I am going to go with Tele2. Independently of whom I choose I am going to have to live with NAT at home as I will only get one public IP address. With my current connection (company ADSL) I have as many public IP addresses I like via LTU.
Some links:
Erik found a nice extension to DreamWeaver for editing Moveable Type sites. Just some XML info and much more is needed but it is a good start. Installed, tested and it does what it is supposed to do.
The blind hen proposes that we should trade in seats for lunch restaurants, just like stocks. Head over and read it. It is really funny and might become a reality???
It is now 10.20 and my girls will arrive in 1 day, 22 hours, and 2 minutes! Woohooo. Today is house cleaning day but first a quick shower and then some breakfast. I guess I sound like Alfons Åberg, “Skall bara….”.
Kiwotsukete ne.

[Written while listening to: Das Boot 2001 (dj errik remix – U96 – BMI Kicks Ass]