It feels like I have been cleaning ALL DAY, but I haven’t. The house is now polished and shining clean. Woohooo. I applied the 15/15 rule when doing the cleaning which helped a lot, i.e. 15 minutes cleaning and 15 minutes doing fun stuff. It comes from The FlyLady. If I would have been a real FlyBaby, I would only have had to clean for 15 minutes in total, but as I am not I cleaned actively for about 2 hours. It is really nice when it is done though!!
Only 1 day, 10 hours, and 2 minutes left now!! I cannot hardly wait. J called today and said that yesterday she missed me so much so she already started packing. Nice! I liked that.
After all the cleaning I was beat and ate some food (the very last of my stew. I actually ate it twice today, both for lunch and for dinner. But now it is gone…. Watched Agent Cody Banks. Rather entertaining movie. I liked it, and that is good as J is going to force me to watch it again with her 🙂 Grade: 4 out of 5 pepper corns.
During my cleaning pauses I read some more in the first of my nanotechnology books. Very interesting indeed. Highly recommended reading.
Listened some more on Per Gessle’s new album and I must say that you get tired of it quite quickly. It is not really Gyllene Tider quality. Downloaded some U2 and some more U96 during the day as well!
It is now 22:20 and I heading for bed!!

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