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Tokyo Natt (Tokyo Night)

Instead of just reading the authors I know, I am trying to pick books more at random and just finished a very good book, Tokyo Natt (Tokyo Night). It is about a young woman that moves back to Tokyo where she is born (she is Swedish) and her struggles to find her self. It is a story about the life in Japan, parties, drugs and men and everything that comes with that (happiness, sadness, love).

[Written while listening to: While My Guitar Gently Weeps – The Beatles – 1967-1970]

Book Update

After finishing Prime Time I continued with Mikael Niemi’s Populärmusik från Vittula. It was really funny to read about the life in Pajala with all the drinking, the sauna bathing contest, the summer job rat war, the air pellet gun wars in the woods and many other stories. I especially liked the music teacher from Skåne as I myself grew up in Skåne and now live in Luleå not to far from Pajala.

[Written while watching: Pulp Fiction]

Liza Marklund and Media

Last night I finished Liza Marklund’s “Paradiset” and continued with her Prime Time. Her books are rather easy to read and a fun thing with her books, is her rather cynical descriptions of how articles are selected and planned in the evening press. This has influenced me how I watch TV news and I see quite a lot of similarities between her descriptions and the different parts in news coverage of larger events.
I wonder what I should read after I finished all Liza’s books. Anybody have any tips? I am looking for a good book about the dark ages in Europe, about the plague. Anybody know of any good ones?


Here is a quick update on what I have been reading recently.
My last update was for Executive Orders and after that I read two more Clancy books, Rainbow Six and The Bear and the Dragon. As always it is interesting to read Clancy’s geopolitical books. Most of the things Clancy write about has actually already happened (after he wrote the books though) but the last one is about was between China and Russia which hasn’t happened (yet ;-).
After my rather long Clancy period I decided I needed to read some other type of books for a while so I switched to Nick Hornby and How to be Good. I started reading this just when Johanna left me without any clue about what the books was really about. It started out very “well” with an affair and then most of the book was about being married (with a fun twist though). Well worth reading. After that I started on About a Boy but stopped reading it 1/3 in as it matched the film to closely. I enjoyed the film very much (I really like Hugh Grant) and that obviously made me remember much from the movie.
A friend had just gotten a copy of Liza Marklund’s newest book, “Den röda vargen.” It was very good and a fun thing was that much of it took place in my home town Luleå. I got caught with the story about the reporter Annika Bengtzon and I continued with another Liza Marklund book, “The Bomber, Sprängaren“. That was followed by Liza Marklund’s “Studio Sex“, which I finished today and I am continuing Liza Marklund’s “Paradiset“.

Reading, Tom Clancy Executive Orders

Just finished a very interesting book to read during the current Iraq war, Tom Clancy’s Executive Orders.
This is the book that inspired the 9/11 events as well as the following anthrax attack. In the book a 747 is flown into the US Congress building and most members of government are killed including the president. Jack Ryan then becomes president and the attack is shortly followed by an Ebola attack on the US and a “fun” detail in the book is that a US general says “This is exactly how we planned it might happened but we used Anthrax instead of Ebola”. This all leads to the attack on the United Islamic Republic, UIR (Iran and Iraq is now one country after Saddam has been assassinated by Iran) by US troops and the killing of the UIR leader on live TV. They bomb his house in Teheran.
It was a rather strange feeling reading about US troop movements (very detailed) in Saudi Arabia while at the same the current Iraq war is going on.
Here are all books I have read since 2001.
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