I have had a bad cold since Tuesday, running nose, fever and a hurting throat. Thursday afternoon I thought I was well again but that was a mistake 🙁 It is now Sunday morning and I am watching Tovah TV with guess who, Tovah. Blä for colds.
Since I announced to my boss that I was leaving he has been avoiding me and although he hasn’t told me yet he is planning to replace me as division head before I leave. I wanted to work together with him on solving this for the best but he doesn’t seem agree with that. When we last talked about it we agreed on that business would go on as usual but along the way he apparently has changed his mind. By the way, he announced two days ago that he was leaving as prefect for a new job as dean of the technical faculty. He will leave at the latest January 1:st 2004. By the way, it has now been 6 months since he promised to take care of my associate professor application. A few weeks ago he admitted that he was ashamed that he hadn’t done anything about this and that he would take care of it as soon as possible. It seems like I will never get that degree….
During the week I got the fiber working via Tele2….My guess about that it was a new subnetwork and the routing was wrong was correct. It only took about 10 emails and 4 phone calls to convince Tele2 and in the end LuNet was the ones to fix it.

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