Wonderful Weekend

What a wonderful weekend! The real pre-summer is here. We have been eating outside on the porch and I have cycled 25 Km (10 yesterday and 15 today).
Yesterday evening we had to change a roof tile which had broken and almost fallen down from the roof, leaving a big hole. Johanna had to stand on a high ladder standing on the roof of the front porch.
I also finally solved my problems of transcoding Divx3 to Divx5 using Virtual Dub. Previously, most of the movies had failed to transcode due to errors in the frames leaving VirtualDub with an uncompleted transcoding. Yesterday I found a new setting though where it first checked the whole movie for errors and then did the transcoding. Why it doesn’t do this during the transcoding I don’t understand though.
Yesterday, I we saw Ice Age for the second time this week. It is so funny!!!
Today we also took a walk to Björsbyn and looked at the horses. For dinner we had tons of sushi. My favorite 🙂

3 thoughts on “Wonderful Weekend”

  1. I’m a snow bird and live in Naples, Florida during the winter time and travel in a motorhome during the rest of the year.
    I like northern Scandinavia, in particular Lulea and Kiruna, but last time I was there is 20 years ago. I liked to sail there in the sumer time(coming from Germany) and to do business in the winter time (in Kiruna).
    I’m amazed to hear that you had a wunderful day out that early in the year. I can’t help, I have to compare all the time the climat of northern Europe with the climat of North America. It is unbelievable for me hwo different it is because of the Golf stream.
    But I’m amazed to see that so far north in Sweden people are doing such high tech thinks instead of Elche hunting.
    I would be glad if you could drop me a line to hear more about how live is that far north – in particular in the winter time.
    Have a good day.
    GĂŒnther Weber

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