More publications and other things….

It has been a bit quiet here and the reason is work work work. I just finished a paper yesterday.
Secure Inclusion of Phones into Online E-Meetings by Peter Parnes
and Marcus Nilsson submitted a paper as well.
In the Borderland Between Wearable Computers and Pervasive Computing by Marcus Nilsson, Mikael Drugge, and Peter Parnes
Besides that it has been a week of a lot of cycling. The spring is here so it is at least 5 degrees even late at night. The SUN doesn’t really set until 21.00 which is nice! My knee hurts a bit though unfortunately, but shouldn’t stop me, right?
My mother is coming today around 15.00 and staying until Wednesday morning, meaning I am forced not to work 😉
A lot has happened in the last week, Concorde will be grounded, Intel withdrew all new P4 processors, I rediscovered Latex (I had forgotten how much fun it is ;-), the JainSIP1.1 spec is now final in stone, I found a new marvellous Blog, the Science Blog, I made a short visit into LuddKom again plus much much more!!!

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