Tired or it all….

Today I had the first part of a 3 day seminar meeting with 90 of the Universities leaders with the overall goal of defining how the Universities new organization (“Det skapande universitetet”) should be implemented. Or at least that was what I thought the goal was before coming there. The Meeting started at 13.00 with lunch and went on until 22.00. It started with some general remarks from the consultants and the president of the University, Ingegerd Palmer. After that we were divided into groups of 5 with one from each leadership course group (I am in group 5) and we discussed for an hour. After that we had 1.5 hours of general assembly of what they called Speakers Corner where everybody that wanted got a chance to say what they wanted about the implementation process and other things. It all felt so washed out. Haven’t we already discussed all this? Like 5 times over the last years? Feel like the exact same issues discussed on the very first meeting we had in the 50-group 4-5 years ago. At dinner time, 18.15 I just got tired of it all and left. I was so tired and it felt like such a waste of time, both mine and the others that were there. We were about 90 persons there. Tomorrow we are supposed to start at 0800 and go on until 20.30 when a dinner starts which means that one has to stay until at least 22.00. Friday starts at the “normal” 08.00 and goes on until 15.30. I spent the evening riding my bike instead and that felt much more productive as I got the time to sort out a number of thoughts that were crawling around in my head.
We’ll see if I have the energy to join the process tomorrow or if I’ll spend it on things that I feel are more valuable.
On a side note, tomorrow it is 3 weeks since I asked Jerker what he thought about me becoming Associate Professor and I still haven’t received any answer (yes I have reminded him several times). Feels rather strange.
I guess I am falling back to just giving the finger to it all. Perhaps, I should join the great team at Nestle and become a pea counter? Or on a more serious note, perhaps it is time to move on and look for another job?
I am so tired, so tired of it all. What is the point. Oh well, perhaps I feel better tomorrow. :-/

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