During the weekend we decided that we needed some sun and beach so after many hours of looking through catalogues and looking over all the details we today booked a one week trip to Tenerif. We will be staying at the Compostela Golf III apartments. The trip is Sunday February 8 to 15, but we are leaving Friday evening by train to Stockholm where we will spend the Saturday. Then sleep over night at Arlanda and leave early Sunday morning. On the way back we will sleep over in Stockholm again and then fly to Luleå Monday morning and be back home again around Monday lunch. A nice short trip and it will cost us about 22000 less than our original winter vacation (which we cancelled).
A fun note is that the trip between Stockholm and Luleå on the way back was really cheap. 17:- per person 🙂 plus tax and fees it ends up at 290:-.
Anyhow, it is going to be fun to get away from the snow a few days and play with Tovah for a whole week.

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