iTunes might be a bit buggy on Windows but there is so much happening out there around iTunes. Make me feel like I am part of some special iTunes cult (or why don’t we just call it a community). People share the libraries, recommend songs, or write full blogs about iPods and iTunes. So much great music out there and so little time to listen to it all.
I have for many years been away from the the music market. I haven’t just ”had” the time to listen to music. I have been to focused on what is coming next and in the long run death so I missed to be in the present. BUT as I am now Peter 2.0 I have time to listen to music again.
My next problem is getting full MP3-ID tags on all my music. There is so much music out there without complete information 🙁 Also I cannot decide if I am going to trust iTunes to rearrange all my music on disc. I think I will make a full copy of it all (100GB almost) and give it a try.
Well, I am of to be. Tovah is probably going to wake me up around 6.40 tomorrow as that seems to be her new morning time.

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