Packing Day

Today was packing day, or should I say, Johanna preparing to pack everything for me for my second trip next week. Tomorrow morning I am heading out to Boden for a 1.5 day department meeting. To be honest I am not really looking forward to it. I don’t know how many such meetings I have attended over the last 9 years but it feels that they do not lead to anything. Yes, yes I know. It is everybody’s responsibility to make something out of it but at the same time we all have so many other things to do so the ones without a clear deadline or a clear responsible person tend to vaporize. My taxi for the airport leaves at 18.00 on Tuesday and I guess I will get back from Boden around 15.00 which leaves me a few hours for the last packing.
Tovah has reached the age when she wants to play more advanced games. It started out me and here playing the Disney Racing Tour which means that she sits in my lap and I drive. Earlier this week I grew tired of that game and thought that we should try something more in my taste. Need for Speed 2. Great game and very addictive. Even without Tovah. I haven’t really wasted time on computer games since August 2000 when I stopped playing Mafia. A friend told me back then that I should focus on my daughter instead of computer games. So I did 🙂 I always listen friends (well not always ;-). I just cannot make that BMW M5 make it around under 1:55. My record is 1:55:20. Humph.
My application for associate professor has still not been handled, at least I haven’t heard anything on the issue from Jerker. Mailed him earlier this week but as usual I didn’t receive any answer. How can I make him do anything on the issue. When I ask he just says he is sorry and he hasn’t had the time. Perhaps I should talk with the dean about it? Before Jerker becomes the dean that is. The whole issue makes my angry and it all turns into negative energy for me which in turn comes out in anger.
Just got an email that some “lost” money has been recovered in one of my projects which means that the division will get another 250K this year and we will end up on a strong plus again. Always nice to have a positive balance sheet at the end of the year, as we have had since 1999 when I took over the division. Congratulations to us 🙂
Mikael Drugge celebrated his birthday yesterday. Congratulations!! He is one of my young promising graduate students.
I have been up way to late the last two nights so today I am heading for bed early. Have to get up at 0700 tomorrow!
Good night and sleep tight!
Ps. If anybody in Luleå need anything from San Francisco then this might be a good time to tell me!

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