Trusting people

Now, in my new life I have started to take everything much softer. What is there really to be upset about? Nothing gets done quicker. This also includes more trusting people. They are not out there to hurt you/me and everybody is doing their best. Is that naive to think like that?
I have earlier in my life been rather hurt which has put me on guard against people, especially authority people. My last boss hurt me rather bad and took all lust for my work out of me, which lead to me walking into the famous wall some time ago. He now fortunately gone and I have a much better relationship with my current boss, Jerker. Jerker is actually in the same leadership development program as I am and during the last week we got to talk rather deeply (i.e. with good contact) and we both learned quite a lot about each other, which in turn will lead to a more productive and better work environment. By the way, the former boss is Bengt Lennartsson and if you want to employ him DON’T! He will destroy any working groups or departments you have.
Back to trusting people. Trust usually goes both ways, building on that eventually both parties in a dialogue will trust each other. Trust is a necessity for deeper contact. Deeper contact is a necessity for becoming a whole person. Didn’t I write this a couple of days ago already? Hmmm.

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  1. That’s so nice of you. I still can’t help flying off the handle any time. I can’t rely on people either. How can I help it?

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