Ahh, the art of flying without getting into physical or mental pain. I have now been sitting on the plane between Stockholm and Chicago for a couple of hours. I have been feed, I have reviewed two papers for NGC’03 (4 more to go). One was very bad and the other was very good. How could that information ever interest anybody?
In 4 minutes I’ll watch the movie Two Weeks Notice with guess whom? Yes, Hugh Grant. Yes I know I promised somebody to not raise that issue again but he really is in this movie and he really is one of my all time favorite actors. Up there on the top list with John Cusak and Robin Williams. Found a funny citation in a Clancy book the other day. Robin Williams was supposed to have said the following in a scene about Adam and Eve. “Better stand back honey. I don’t know how big this thing gets.” What thing you might ask? Well, think it over 😉 Unfortunately, the current movie also stars Sandra Bullock.
The plane is an Airbus A330 (or 340 who can tell the difference?) and each seat has its own entertainement system. You have a small screen in the seat in front of you where you can select movies to watch (13 channels in total, well more than needed to cover the 9 hours flight).
The movie wasn’t that good. Not the usual overly cute ending that all other High Grant movies have. You can all skip this one without being to sad. My problem with the movie was that Sandra Bullok got too much space and Hugh Grant to little. The best part was actually the “extra” 20 seconds of footage after they kissed and made up (when Sandra is ordering chineese again). Here Hugh Grant just gets to be himself with his bad jokes. 🙂
We are now over Canada/Alaska (where does the one end and the other start?) and it is amazing how the landscape looks like all those gray movies, shot when circling the moon. Yes I am bored. I have reviewed 3 papers so far and the last was the worst. Why are there so many networking papers submitted for NGC this year? Where are all the interesting papers about real group commmunication, the human part of it all. The interesting part.
…2 hours and 21 minutes left and counting…
This is actually one of the longer trips in my life that I don’t feel lika taking. I would rather sit on a rock next to a beach in Luleå and just contemplate about the important issues in life. Anybody interested in joining me when I get back to Luleå?
I am currently wathing the movie Evelyn with Pierce Brosnan. A man that looses his job, his wife and is left alone with his 3 children he cannot afford to raise so they are taken away from him. Now he has to get his act back together to get his children back.
Woohoo, the forth paper done. It was very dry and very theoretical. It would really benefit from being connected into real world applications. Better take on the the fifth as well. We’ll get feed soon again, like stuffed pigs. I guess I have to think about my nice round figure. What? Are you saying that I don’t have a chiseled stomach? 😉 Even after all those hours at the gym and on the bike?!
We are now in Chicago playing at the Children’s Museum exhibit. A small play ground in airport theme. Tovah is really enjoying herself anyhow and I am typing away as always. 1 hour and 20 minutes to the next flight to Orlando. The home of Dizzie Void (translation from Tovah languges into English: Disney World)!
On yet another plane. I have now finished the reviewing of all six papers and I am surprised by how bad they are. People send in soo sloppy papers wasting reviewers time by forcing them to read it and then reject them! I rejected 4 out 6.
In one hour we’ll be in Orlando. 31 degrees celcius. Nice and warm 🙂 Better get my sun glasses out! I guess we will head out to a nearby grocery store, directly after getting to the hotel, mostly because we will need water.

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