We have now been a couple of days in Jönköping. Håkan and my mother visited over the weekend and that nice. It was a really full house and Martine and Tovah get each other more active than ever. They keep running around and making loud noises although this morning it is better. I guess they are getting used to each other.
Yesterday the storm came and we got a couple of cm of snow. WOW. 🙂 We don’t have to much snow at home either but the temperature has dropped down and is approaching -30 Celsius (-22 Fahrenheit). Here in Jönköping it is only -6 Celsius (21 Fahrenheit).
They christmas ham just went into the oven and in a moment we are going to make the christmas shopping list for the christmas food on the christmas table.
It is nice to be on christmas leave and just to relax and I almost manage to forget everything about work.
I finished reading The DaVinci Code and I highly recommend it to everybody. I continued with an older Chrichton (Five Patients) but it was boring and I switched to Dan Brown’s first book, Angels and Demons and after reading 1/4 it is VERY good. Almost as good as The DaVinci Code if not even better. It is about the sci fi subject of antimatter terrorism 🙂
That was a quick update from Peter’s world and a happy christmas to all readers!!

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