Christmas Day

I have never seen so many presents at one time before. There was tons of them and Tovah and Martine handed them out for over 2 hours. Obviously the children got the most christmas presents and today the day after christmas eve they are playing with them.
My mother in law, Siv ”hits me” from time to time my guess is that it relates to what happened this summer. I mentioned to Johanna that Siv does what she does and she said casually that I only have myself to blame. It is very true but the truth doesn’t hurt less. I got very sad from this and slept very badly.
In the morning Tovah woke up around 0830 and I really needed to sleep some more but Johanna sat the girls down with new plastic christmas presents just outside the bedroom door. There the calm morning evaporated and the total kaos in this house came tumbling back into my so called reality.
Since we got to Jönköping there hasn’t been a single calm moment except when I try to hide away in our bedroom. Eating with Johanna’s family is always an adventure combined with a race for the food and eating as fast as possible while making as much noise as possible. After each meal I feel exhausted.
I really long for tomorrow when we head back home to our small blue house again and back to tranquility. Unfortunately we will have guest immediately when we get home, Jennifer and Rolf. They are leaving town about 4 hours after we get to Luleå. But after that I hopefully will get some calm around me again. Of course I have 20 hours trainride home in front of the as well.
If have finished the first Dan Brown book, Angels and Demons and it was great. I cannot decide if it is better or not than The DaVinci Code but it is very good. I continued with his third book, Deception Point which reminds me very much of Tom Clancy. Politics around the presidency of the USA in a high tech environment.
As always I feel better after blogging but still I would rather be at home right now being able to do what I want without having to be courteous towards all the other people here.
In a moment it is time for lunch and I have to sit down at the table with all the rest of the people here.
And if it couldn’t get worse I have a cold as well. My throat is burning and my nose is running. I need some solitude and rest.

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