I am worried. Am I doing the right thing? Will my decision affect my work environment in the right direction? I really hope so. It looks very promising, but (there is always a but) what if it isn’t the right thing? So I worry, but I guess I shouldn’t. I have taken the decision and I shall stand by it, right? Right!
Johanna’s back went out of order today so I got the honor of putting T to sleep today again (second day in a row). Usually we do it every other day and I was really surprised how easily Tovah accepted that I would put her to sleep today as well. It must be all my nice singing and my stories about the ”Red Lava Bubble” from the lava lamp. Today the red bubble went to China by digging a whole through the earth and then moving in with a new lava lamp family, a blue one with glitter 🙂 T really enjoys those stories and I make it up as I go along.
During the evening I went for a cycle ride but only got a few kilometers before turning back. I just didn’t have the energy and will and by not having that I got really cold.
After putting T to sleep I feel quite good actually. When I lye there besides her waiting for her to fall asleep there isn’t much else I can do than to contemplate my day and my problems.
Tomorrow is my second lecture in SMD151. MBone and Scalable Media.

[Written while listening to: Johanna typing. ]

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