My Weekend

I had a nice and relaxing weekend with my family. Yesterday we spent the whole afternoon watching TV and we saw among other things the 3 first episodes of 24 season 2. I like season 1 very much and season 2 started very promising.
Today we worked a bit in the backyard preparing for the winter (it feels like it will start snowing tomorrow). We created a new stone step in front of the garage back door and stacked the last of our fire wood. We only use the wood for enjoyment fires in the garden. For dinner we had sushi (yes, again 🙂 followed by a nice fire and marchmallows.
After a while it started to get really cold (like 5 degrees) and we headed inside for a movie, The Pianist. It was a very good movie but I think IMDB readers are overrating it. It currently has a rating of 8.6 which puts it in #29 on the top 250 list. E.g. Schindler’s List got a 8.8 and I feel that that movie is very much better than The Pianist. Don’t take me wrong. I highly recommend both movies.
Tomorrow is my first day of teaching in SDM151, Multimedia Systems.
Sleep tight and don’t let the bedbugs bite!

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