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Hard working graduate students

Earlier this week my hard working graduate students submitted three new papers for review.
Experiences from Mobile e-Meetings with the Borderland Wearable Computer by Mikael Drugge, Marcus Nilsson, Johan Kristiansson, and Peter Parnes
Mobility support for Collaborative Real-time Applications by Johan Kristiansson, and Peter Parnes
User-interest Driven Video Adaptation for Collaborative Workspace Applications by Jeremiah Scholl, Stefan Elf, and Peter Parnes
It was also decided that Jeremiah Scholl and Stefan Elf will present their licentiate theses on June 6, 2003! Woohoo! I’ll see if I can approve them (being the examiner :-).
I am proud of you all!

Sigh, 41MB email

One of my co-workers (Fredrik Karlsson) just sent me an 41MB email !!!! Can you image a professional in the computer science business sending that large emails 🙁 Had to wait for 1.5 minutes for my inbox to open. Hrrmrmrmrrrrmrmrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. The email was a bunch of presentations from a research meeting we had last week (my Umeå trip) but also all the digital photos they took there. WWW is a working medium, even the press have known that since around 1995 when they invented the Internet (I wonder what I was using before that?).
That feels better. Now of to bed to read some Tom Clancy, Executive Orders (more about that tomorrow!!)

No longer a virgin: Online voting

I have now done my first online real voting (not the normal online voting stuff) but a real political issue! The question was if the central street down town should be for busses only (for all Americans, the kind of vehicle that more than person rides at a time 😉 or for busses and cars. I obviously voted for the former (not having either drivers license or car). I have actually voted twice tonight. Johanna was to lazy to do it herself!
As of 22.26 tonight I am no longer an online voting virgin.

Fun Tovah story!

My most fun memory of Tovah is when one of the program leaders of the Bollibompa children show was pregnant and they had spent the whole episode discussing how babies were made. After the show I sat down in front of the TV to catch the news and Tovah comes up to me, stands there contemplating for a while, lifts my shirt and “titta pappa barn” meaning “watch daddy baby”. Hmm, do I have that large stomach? Tovah was 27 months at the time (autumn 2002).


After 2 years break, Johanna got our Quicken database up and running again so now we know how much money we have. This for both good and bad as it shows how much several of stock-funds have decreased in value 🙁 The worst is now worth 12.5% of the money we put in 🙁