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Angela undrade över vad djävulsägg är för något. Det är helt enkelt kokta ägg som är täcka av kryddad köttfärs, lätt stekta och sedan kokta i en tomatsås. Reaktionen blir alltid lika skoj när man sedan serverar EN köttbulle till varje gäst. Här kan man se ett djävulsägg och man kan skymta det kokta ägget inuti. Receptet kan ordnas om intresse finns…
Frukost och sedan bygga mer på verandan!!

Outing to Hägnan

Today we went on a picknick with the children’s playgroup at Hägnan. It was about 10-15 children in all ages and we had a very good time. We grilled chicken, sausages and ate it together with breadsticks and melon. It was very delightful. It is the kind of place where you can just let the children run around on their own. No strange places where they can fall down, no cars, no high speed bicycles and just tons of fun things to do. In the beginning I was a bid of a protective dad and followed Tovah around but I got over that after lunch but that unfortunately proved not to be to good as Tovah for the first time in her life got lost. She was on her own about one house away but it was still very scary for her.
They also had straw barn where the children (and adults 🙂 could jump into the dried straw. Tovah was a bit scared, but she jumped nicely when she held my hand. Later there was an unfortunate accident 🙁 Tovah and another girl were supposed to jump together. They held hands and Tovah started counting to three and the other girl jumped immediately, pulling Tovah with here. Tovah landed on top of the other girl. It must have hurt quite a bit as they both cried for some time and I couldn’t get Tovah to jump again.
When we got home I was really tired, and found myself just sitting in front of the computer for a while. Some the and chickpeas helped my mood back to happiness. Played with my photos for the rest of the day and learned tons of new things about Photoshop and the most misnamed filter, Unsharp mask which is actually a tool for making the image look sharper.
During the evening I also made IP-telephony experiment. I used Marratech Pro as a SIP client towards DigiSip and called my mother using it as a phone replacement. After a while Tovah wanted to speak with her as well so I called the Pingtel phone as well and included that into the conversation using Pro as a mixer and gateway. It worked very well and the only real problem was sound levels as my speech came out much louder in the Pingtel than my mother.
It is my mother’s birthday today! Happy Birthday, mom!!
Today was also Dick’s funeral. Tina was there. I couldn’t go as I was giving an exam today and honestly I didn’t feel like going.
Now I am just waiting for Tovah to fall asleep so I can get into bed with my lovely wife.

“Ja, det låter spännande” and Tovah “fuckar”

Welcome oh wonderful world.
It is now Sunday afternoon I have have managed to not work this weekend. That is something new for me and something I will try to maintain. We woke up around 08.30 and I started the day by reading “Pablo, the penguin that always froze” with Tovah. Continued the day with some photo handling. The first roll is now scanned and I will caption it later. The second roll is currently being scanned. Some great photos from 1993.
I feel good for two reasons,
1) Johanna said yesterday that she I going to give notice on her other apartment.
2) I today realized that I have found the hobby I have been missing for so long. Handling my photos. I enjoy this very much and I feel it being an investment for the future. It will be great to be able to view the old photos when I am getting old as well as Tovah will enjoy it when she gets older.
Jalle and Ida are back in town. They came during the night and I of course immediately invited them for dinner today. They will arrive in 50 minutes and they will get sushi – the Parnes way. I enjoy their company very much and I have to admit that I have missed them both during the last weeks. Actually I haven’t met Ida since midsummer.
By the way. I have to explain the subject. Tovah cannot pronounce “s” inside words and this becomes rather funny when she is trying to say “fuskar” (Swedish for cheating) and it becomes “fuckar” which loosely means fucks 🙂 She says “Ja, det låter spännande!” as response to almost everything we are going to do (Swedish for Yes, that sounds exciting).
Catch you all later and don’t do anything I wouldn’t do.

[Written while listening to: Smakar Paa Ett Regn – Per Gessle – Mazarin]


Today we went to the children health care centre for measurement and three year checkup. Tovah was healthy as a whatever and passed all the tests with honors. She got a tattoo for her efforts.
We continued down town where I bought a Lava Lamp. Finally, I have wanted one for the last 20 years. We bought at Cervera that is going out of business so it was on half price. Lunch on Waldorf. The rest of the day I spent working and during the evening we went on can hunt and passed by work. We met Ghyslain. It must have been at least 1 year since I saw him last. Also got the scanner today and I have just had time to install it during the evening and test scan one item, a cd.
Oh, I almost forgot, down town we went by Tradition and they had a sale on games. We bought Chez Dork and the EBay card game. We haven’t played any of the but they look “interesting”.

Hurghada, Egypt

I just finished putting captions on my Hurghada photos. Puuh. Hard work for a soft man.
Anyhow, during the afternoon the family went to the recycle market but we didn’t find anything worth anything and it was a bit cold and windy so we cycled directly home again. I must admit that I for some strange reason felt really agitated around lunch. I get like that from time to time. 🙁
Talking about lunch, today’s lunch was a vegetarian potato and cauliflower soup/stew with bread sticks. My knee still hasn’t healed. The evening we spent watching both episodes of “Virus i paradiset” and now it is time to go to bed.
Tomorrow, the chimney sweeper is coming. Between 07.30 and 09.30.

[Written while watching local news.]


During the afternoon we took a bike ride to Gültzaudden and looked at the art in the wood. Though I and Tovah ended up looking more for cans, which we found 10.50 SEK worth. After a nice walk we took a quick drinking pause and continued to Norrbottens Museum to look at the Hideaki Sasaki installation. Here is a movie of it in action. We only got 15 minutes at the museum after which we played and looked at the art in the museum garden.
After a while in the museum garden we headed toward Kvantum in the rain and shopped. We were only going to buy some milk but as always ended up with tons of stuff. At home I made bread sticks and they were much better this time than the last.
I also added a few more scripts to my gallery. One for getting a random photo from the gallery. It can be seen on top of this page. Just reload to see another. Also added Top 10 viewed and Recently changed. The two latter will be added and integrated later.
I watched “Heist” and entered some captions for my Hurghada photos (not public yet).

Sunny Monday

I have had a nice day together with J, T and Jennifer. We have eaten good food and had a water war in the garden. Tovah especially liked the latter and she was running around as mad chasing us. I must admit that I helped her a bit and the scary pants (:-) Jennifer hid behind my camera so I would throw water on her. Just wait until next time Jennifer 🙂
Lunch was a chili made from smoked falu-sausage, bacon, kidney beans and chick peas together with rice and for dessert we had American cheese cake.
After lunch J, T and Jennifer went for a bike ride, during which I got time to sort some digital photos. This had not been done since march 2003. Bad boy Peter. It is actually nice to wait a bit as memories have been lost and you get nice reminders from looking at all the photos. As I wrote earlier today, our trip to Orlando was really nice.
Jennifer left around 18.20 together with Rolf (after a short visit) for a dinner at Rickard’s place. Hey, Rikard you still owe me a dinner 🙂
For dinner I had Tom Yam soup, Johanna had sandwiches and Tovah had gruel. After dinner we quickly cleaned up the kitchen. It is nice to not have anything to clean up when you go to bed later. A nice clean kitchen in the morning is something I recommend to everybody.
Right now me and Johanna are sitting in the kitchen, J is sorting here stones and beads (to make necklaces from) and I have just finished sorting photos taken from March to Maj 2003. T is half asleep in the sofa watching Winnie the Pooh. It is nice to have the family home again. I have been very lucky, very lucky indeed!!!


I just HAD to take a break. I am totally overheated. It’s 29 degrees in the house…
I cycled down towards town with my bike cart, got as far as Porsön centre when I realized that I didn’t have my wallet with me. Cycled back home and then down town. Got there at 11:48 and decided that I was eating out today. Baan Thai. Thai buffée. Yummy and after a while so full 🙂 Bought 40 roses, mixed colors for Johanna and 2 small salmons. Headed for Kvantum where I shopped some more, tons of food. Got home at 14.00, unpacked and rested until 15.00 when I started all the cooking. It is now 17:15 and the two brunch breads are down, the cheese cake in the oven for the second bake and the dough for the ciabatta and breadsticks is currently growing. I put fresh peaches into the sweet brunch bread. Looked very good but I haven’t tried it yet. It is the kind that you cannot cut until you eat it the first time.
Sigh, I am tired and I now resting on the couch watching Femme Fatale.

Morrn Morrn

Well god morning to you all. My day phase shift worked fine as I woke up at 07.20 and got up at 08.10 after tossing and turning a bit. It felt really nice to wake up in a clean house. Not tons of cloths lying about in the bedroom and the bathroom smelled clean. It was a delight.
Today is my welcome home preparation day. I am going to go shopping and I am going to bake an american cheese cake. J’s favorite. For breakfast tomorrow I planned we will have fresh fruit (pineapple, different melons, strawberries and kiwi) together with a ciabatta and breadsticks (both home made of course). T really liked breadsticks when we were in Egypt earlier this year. Well, so did I 🙂
If the weather and T’s mood holds we will head out for a picknick during the day and for that I planned my favorite brunch bread. Both the sweet and non-sweet but the latter without bananas as J cannot stand them. I’ll use peach and pineapple instead. Yummy.
For dinner I planned sushi but we might be too tired when we get home so we might save the sushi for Saturday and eat something easy instead. Perhaps pizza to celebrate? I know T wants pizza anyhow 🙂 She always does.
12 red roses on the table when she gets home will do nicely as well. Or should I bring them to the train station when I meet them? What do you think?
Now I have finished by breakfast and I am going to make a shopping list and head out into the summer heat. It is “only” 26 degrees in the shade.
Take care and please be happy!


It feels like I have been cleaning ALL DAY, but I haven’t. The house is now polished and shining clean. Woohooo. I applied the 15/15 rule when doing the cleaning which helped a lot, i.e. 15 minutes cleaning and 15 minutes doing fun stuff. It comes from The FlyLady. If I would have been a real FlyBaby, I would only have had to clean for 15 minutes in total, but as I am not I cleaned actively for about 2 hours. It is really nice when it is done though!!
Only 1 day, 10 hours, and 2 minutes left now!! I cannot hardly wait. J called today and said that yesterday she missed me so much so she already started packing. Nice! I liked that.
After all the cleaning I was beat and ate some food (the very last of my stew. I actually ate it twice today, both for lunch and for dinner. But now it is gone…. Watched Agent Cody Banks. Rather entertaining movie. I liked it, and that is good as J is going to force me to watch it again with her 🙂 Grade: 4 out of 5 pepper corns.
During my cleaning pauses I read some more in the first of my nanotechnology books. Very interesting indeed. Highly recommended reading.
Listened some more on Per Gessle’s new album and I must say that you get tired of it quite quickly. It is not really Gyllene Tider quality. Downloaded some U2 and some more U96 during the day as well!
It is now 22:20 and I heading for bed!!