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Winter is coming back

It seems like winter is coming back. It is currently -0.4 and forecasts say that it will drop down to -6 over the weekend. I just hope we don’t get any snow. That would really put a stop to my spring happiness! But why worry about something that you cannot control!
Brace yourself for a new great day! 🙂 Good night!

Blog name change

I decided to change the name of my blog into “DrPeppar, The Mad Scientist” as it reflects the contents more than the old name!
To my wife Johanna: I cannot let you go outside at night as the glimmer in your eyes would make the stars jealous! Love you!

Long day…

I have had a rather long day where the main part has been around my on going management education. Today’s sessions was primarily around the reorganization of the University but I felt rather out of it. I woke up at 0645 with a bad stomach and that has haunted me all day. The end of the session was spent in our 6-group (that is currently diminished to 5 persons as one person has gotten ill again in cancer (again) and is currently undergoing treatment), and that felt very good.
During the morning I also found out that the department will get a very large extra “tax” because of a person leaving my division. This will of course affect our financial bottom line this year to the negative. I will most likely write more about this later. This extra “tax” made me rather depressed as it is a cost that was decided by top-management (the President) but the department/division has to pay for it. :-/ The rest of the evening has been around tons of emails with the person in question (all local can guess who).
I also had a long and very good discussion with my friend Kåre Synnes about everything. That felt very good that we got this chance to talk.
Yet another cancer case ended today where a person I have worked somewhat with over the past years passed away today. May she rest in peace!!
And another close friend of mine is going through surgery tomorrow. Hope everything goes well!!!
A rather heavy day and I hope tomorrow will be lighter!!!
Ps. I created yet another category, called DrPeppar where I will put blog-notes about myself.

Thoughts on Disney World news groups and Americans posting habits

Since a month or so I am following a number of Disney World news groups and one thing really puzzles me, well not really but it struck me as a bit strange anyhow. In these groups there are about 200-400 postings per day, but only on weekdays. Do Americans (yes it is 99.8% Americans posting there) only read and post messages when they are supposed to work? This last weekend there was about 20 messages posted in total and the Monday bunch is coming in right now ( I am reading these news groups in Sweden which means I am 6 hours a head of the US east cost). I do a lot non-work related stuff during work hours but I on the other hand have VERY flexible work hours (i.e. I decide my self when I work and when I don’t)* and I do post messages on weekends!
* A drawback from deciding your own work hours is that it sometimes is hard not to work, and (if anybody is curious) my flex account including Feb 2003 is 1173 hours. That means that I can leave now and don’t have to come back until next year 😉

The combination of spring, bikes and ice is not the best :-(

The spring has finally reached Luleå and two days ago I brought out my recumbent, a HP Velotechnik Spirit. Last night it got a bit cold and on my way to the University today I fell, ouch. There was a large ice patch behind the D-house. I was really careful when I left the home but after 2 minutes I had forgotten about that and was thinking about other issues instead. Oh well, one cannot be deterred by some ice and the sun is shining so here I come 🙂
More pictures from last summer…

No wedding ring :-(

Between 16.00 yesterday and 14.00 today I lost my wedding ring 🙁 🙁 I might be in the snow outside as we had a spring barbeque (yes we still have about 1 meter of snow here), in the house or somewhere on the campus as we went for a night walk before going to bed yesterday. HELP! 🙁