New Challanges

Good morning everybody,
Last night Google acquired Marratech’s video conferencing software that has been developed here in Luleå by myself and several of my colleagues, e.g. Dick Schefström, Kåre Synnes and Johnny Widén. The research behind Marratech started in 1995 with the creation of the software engineering division within Systemteknik (later Media Technology) and the Centre for Distance-spanning Technology, CDT. The company Marratech AB was created in 1998 where I have been working as Chief Scientist since the start in parallel to my employment at Luleå University of Technology.
I will shortly be joining Google to continue the research and development of video conferencing software. This means that I will not work full time at LTU anymore and I have agreed with Kåre Synnes and Thomas Gustafssson to stay on and continue as main supervisor for my graduate students as well as help out in a couple of projects.
The development will continue in Luleå under the Google name and that is something I hope we together can leverage on to attract more students and research funding to LTU!
A not so true article in today’s Dagens Industri
-Peter Parnes

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