Want to see something different. Watch Adaptation! It is one strange movie.
The movie is written by Charlie Kaufman and Donald Kaufman (and they are really a central part of the movie as well). Here is a tidbit from IMDB about Donald:
”On February 11, 2003, ”Donald Kaufman” was nominated for a real-life Academy Award, along with the real Charlie Kaufman, for the screenplay of Adaptation (2002). This is the first time in Oscar history that a nomination has been bestowed upon a fictional character.”

Great Sunday

I had a great Sunday today. Started out with some training in the morning (running and machines). Got back around 12 and J was baking bread (teacakes and hamburger bread). Watch some Robinson from yesterday with Tovah, had a home made thai spiced burger with potatoes bakes in the oven. After lunch we were heading for the library but found out that it wasn’t open on Sundays so instead we ended up in the back yard where we dug some tunnels in the snow. Mighty fun for the whole family. Got in and watched some telly (we were beat from all the digging and crawling around in the snow. It was -20 Celcius!) Ended the day with building some Lego. The current project is a robot that can climb over boxes (about 10cm high max I guess). The goal is that it should detect that it has reached a box, twist its body so the front end goes on top of the box, move forward as a light sensor detects that it is over the box and the repeat for the back end of the body and finally move forward.
Tovah is now a sleep (Johanna day) and we are going to watch Underworld!!! See you all tomorrow!! 🙂


I just saw a really great movie called Radio. It is about a mentally handicapped boy and how he affects everybody around him. He starts out as a extremely shy boy and the town coach helps into the community. It is the kind of movie that makes you think about your own attitude to various things. The detail that the story is true doesn’t make it worse. If you haven’t seen this movie, watch it!!

Problem&Solution: Why cannot I send audio anymore?

Suddenly my desktop computer couldn’t grab audio when grabbing video!!! I spent 5 hours on this problem yesterday. I could grab audio just fine but it I started grabbing video (e.g. via amcap) audio grabbing stopped working. The audio device was a USB soundcard from Philips called Aurilium and the video device was a Logitech Orbit. Both are USB2.0 devices so I first thought that was the problem. I started moving around cables and reinstalling drivers. No luck. Next step was to exchange the Aurilium for a Creative Extigy USB soundcard instead. Same problem. Hmm, let us change the camera then so I switched to another Logitech camera (a USB1.1 camera). The problem remains. Ahh, it must be a Logitech driver problem, and I install a Philips camera instead. No change…… By know I pulling my hair I don’t what else to try.
I then notice that although I have removed the Philips Aurilium physically from the system, Windows still thinks it is available. I go into the device manger and uninstall the Aurilium Sound Agent 2 device (this is a audio mixer device) and THEN it all starts working again. Finally!!!
The conclusion is to avoid the Philips Aurilium product if you need a audio device for emeetings and online conferencing.

No more mindstorms

Lego will stop producing its electronic parts, this means no more Mindstorms. The will focus on core business, building blocks for children. The reason isn’t that hard to guess, they are loosing money, FAST. 🙁
In my opinion Lego is on of the best toys ever invented. Cannot governments in the western world go in and help the company? Only half joking….
More info….

Work at Lego?

I am very fascinated by Lego. Have been since I before I can remember anything else. I got my first technology Lego box when I was 5 years old (a GoCart designed for 9+) and it is definitely one of the first christmas presents I can remember. Tovah, my daughter is also very attracted to Lego and a fun thing is that she builds more with the tech parts than the normal bricks. Fun fun fun for the whole family.
Anyhow, yesterday I found this page about Jamie that went for an interview to work as Master Builder at Lego. Fun reading!!


Just watched another 3 episodes of Angel Season 2. There are some whacky episodes here, like e.g. the halloween episode I watched yesterday.
Anyhow, I just wanted to say that I will be gone from cyberspace until Friday evening because I am going with the Media Technology division to Brändön for our Winter Retreat! We will do some dog sledge riding, hot tub bathing (outdoors of course), sauna bathing and ice bathing, eat tons of good food and of course, work a bit as well.
Have fun and don’t do anything I wouldn’t do!