LEGO is keeping Mindstorms!!

LEGO has release a press release stating that they will NOT cancel LEGO Mindstorms!!! Good news, now we can only hope that they release a new version of the brick soon and perhaps some new cool sensors.

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  1. i think LEGO has always been one of the best toys EVER!!!!!!!!! i wish LEGO corp made tacos because i absolutely love tocos….they are soo good anmd crunchy…but anyway i just wanted to let you know that you guys rock and continue makin sunch fantastic little plastic houses/castles/dungeons/ships/cars/trucks/planes.ships/trains/ships/malls/roller coasters/ships/trains/and houses. I love them all like my children. Like my little taco children. Sometimes at night i like to make up a batch of tacos and smother them in sour cream and bring thenm to my bed. Fun things occur then…if you wish to know of these fun things please email me back…thanks

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