Wine Update

Tasted a new wine today and here is an updated wine list.
The grade is between 1 and 10.
Black Granite Shiraz 2002 (nr 22059) Initial taste was good wit ha strong after taste but the next glass didn’t taste too good. I won’t drink this one again if I don’t have to. 14.5% Grade: 2
Montecillo Crianza (nr 2643) Not too good. Tasted to much wine. 12.5% Grade: 4
Vin up Fragola (nr 12332) A sweet 4.5% italian sparkling strawberry wine. Very easy to drink but not a food wine. I enjoy drinking it a lot. Grade: 9
Chill Out Music Cabernet Sauvignon 2001 (nr 12098). Not very good wine. 14%. South Africa. Strong bitter taste. Not very easy to drink. Grade: 2
Primicia (nr 32410) A spanish 13% wine. I enjoyed this one very much, but I guess I have to try it again as it was the third bottle we opened that evening. Grade: 8
Château de Seguin (nr 3958) A french 12.5% wine with a soft taste, i.e. doesn’t taste to much. It was very easy to drink. Grade: 6
Jacob’s Creek Shiraz Cabernet (nr 2066) 13.5% wine from south Australia. Very good wine to the food (devils eggs). Easy to drink with a long after taste. Grade: 7

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