Finis Origine Pendet

Finis Origine Pendet, loosely translated means “The end depends upon the beginning.” The quotation is taken out of context from the Astronomica of Manilius. This is the great academic motto of the Phillips Exeter Academy (real) as well as the St. Benedict’s Academy for Boys (Hollywood fiction) in the movie The Emperor’s Club. It is a great story about a teachers that strongly believes in good and right and put his strongest hopes onto a young son of a senator whom unfortunately disappoints his teacher by cheating. Being a university teacher myself, I feel strong sympathies for the situation presented in the movie and it really go to me. 10 stars to the movie The Emperor’s Club.

Finis Origine Pendet, The end depends upon the beginning.

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  1. Andover was founded by Samuel Phillips Jr, in 1778. Three years later, Samuel’s uncle, John. And, reflecting the close relationship between the two Phillips, they share the same mottos: “Non Sibi” and “Finis Origine Pendet”. It may be worth noting that Paul Revere designed Andover’s Great Seal. This design clearly inspired Exeter’s, but, to my knowledge, the craftsman is unknown.

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