Great Sunday

I had a great Sunday today. Started out with some training in the morning (running and machines). Got back around 12 and J was baking bread (teacakes and hamburger bread). Watch some Robinson from yesterday with Tovah, had a home made thai spiced burger with potatoes bakes in the oven. After lunch we were heading for the library but found out that it wasn’t open on Sundays so instead we ended up in the back yard where we dug some tunnels in the snow. Mighty fun for the whole family. Got in and watched some telly (we were beat from all the digging and crawling around in the snow. It was -20 Celcius!) Ended the day with building some Lego. The current project is a robot that can climb over boxes (about 10cm high max I guess). The goal is that it should detect that it has reached a box, twist its body so the front end goes on top of the box, move forward as a light sensor detects that it is over the box and the repeat for the back end of the body and finally move forward.
Tovah is now a sleep (Johanna day) and we are going to watch Underworld!!! See you all tomorrow!! 🙂

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