Early Morning

It is way too early to be up at this hour! The reason I am up is that I am heading to preschool with the family to watch Tovah’s ”Lucia”-show with all the other kids.
By the way, Elon-Lindvalls called yesterday and said that they are tired of it all (i.e. the dishwasher business) and told us that we can either get a 1800 refund (down to 22K for all the appliances) or we can get a new better machine. J chose the better machine and sometime around christmas or early next year they will come and exchange our dishwasher for a better one, a Miele 694, instead of the 641 we have now. They will of course pay for the extra cost of connecting a new one.
Perhaps, it isn’t that early after all. I feel good and perhaps I should get up this early every morning? Nah, 07:40 is early enough 🙂

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