Why should it be so hard to buy things? Last week J bought some new stuff including a dishwasher. It turns out that the dishwasher wasn’t as good as the salesperson promised. Johanna told the shop last Saturday and we have been talking with them every day since. The thing was that Johanna wanted a model with AAA classification (energy consumption) and she was originally set on a Miele 647. The sales person said that she could get the 641 for a better price and it had a lower sound level, 46dB (the 647 had 48dB). Yesterday we found out that the 641 actually has a sound level of 51dB!! As it is no longer generally available (last years model) we cannot find any technical information on it in Sweden but checking around the net we found specs for it that it actually is a 51dB machine in UK, Norway, Finland, Germany, Netherlands and USA. Nice. NOT!
I lost 600:- yesterday on the stock market, not so nice either. Got to get it back on Monday 🙂
This morning we went downtown and I totally lost all energy. It took me several hours before I got it back during the afternoon. For lunch we had stuffed bell peppers followed by ”maräng swiss”. Yummy. But I ate toooooo much 🙂

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