Home Alone Day 3

I woke up around 6.15, Tovah had slept all night without waking up once and she continued sleeping until 0830. I got more than two hours of peaceful reading.
After breakfast (she eats to little) we went for a walk in the wood, picking blueberries. We had a blueberry picknick at the end of the road (Vänortsvägen that is :-). It was quite warm in the sun. When we got home we had a delicious lunch on curry rice, bulgar wheat and chicken and bean stew. Yummy. Wow, it the time that much. We had to hurry. At 14.00 the magic story hour started down at the museum. It was quite funny but Tovah was devastated (for about 30 seconds) that she wasn’t picked as a helper. Then we ate some crackers followed by more play both inside and outside the museum. When we got home it was time for cheese cake and the second part of Treasure Planet.
For supper Tovah ate to little again. How should I get her to eat more. I know, bread sticks in front of the TV. We are watching the movie ”Hundhotellet” right now. Very good so far. From the creator of ”Karl Bertil Jonssons julafton” and ”Dunderklumpen”, Hans Alfredsson. I just regret that I didn’t record it.
I feel quite good and tomorrow J comes home. By the way, she called around 16.00 and that made me so happy 🙂 Love you!

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