Home Alone Day 2

i and Tovah have been home alone now for two days and I am totally beat. The reason is not that Tovah is demanding during the day but rather that she wakes up during the night and cries for mommy. The first night she woke up once and cried for 30 minutes but the second night she woke up twice. The first time she fell asleep after 15 minutes of crying but the second time she cried for about 45 minutes and nothing I did helped until she just gave up. This crying for mother is rather exhausting as that makes me feel unsufficient. This together with my current work situation makes it rather hard for me to sleep anything at all. Thus I am very very very very very very tired today.
Yesterday we went to the Norrbottens Museum together with Jalle and Ida. We played there for several hours and afterwards Jalle joined me and Tovah for lunch. Today we had planned to go down to the inauguration of the new bus stop (big thing in a small town) but we were to tired and ended up at home instead. The afternoon we spent baking, the results: one cheese cake, poppers and about 100 bread sticks.
Right now we are watching Bolibompa and I cannot wait until it becomes 20.00 so we can go to bed……..

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