I have a PhD…

Are people with a PhD better than other people?
Within academia there are many tasks that can only be conducted by faculty members. This is controlled by Swedish regulations but sometimes I get really upset when faculty members push the faculty requirement to hard.
E.g. what makes a fresh PhD that has been a graduate student for about 4 years more qualified to decide the content of a course than a teacher and researcher that has worked within the academic system for say more than 10 years? Another e.g. What makes a faculty member that is not really interested in teaching more qualified over a highly dedicated subject teacher (”adjunkt”) or research engineer?
Shouldn’t the best qualified person be chosen for each specific task? Cannot a graduate student with a specific knowledge be more suitable to decide what is supposed to be part of a course than a random faculty member? I think that in a modern and adaptive organization this should the case, or am I totally wrong?
I have a PhD… but am I proud of being part of the LTU faculty?

[Written while listening to: 07 – Hungry Heart – Bruce Springsteen – Best Ballads]

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