Isn’t sleeping all overrated? Well, I think so. No sleep for me today. This morning I have already managed to consume Maid in Manhattan and Serving Sara. Just image how many movies one can watch if one doesn’t sleep?!
The sun is shining and the sky is blue. Perhaps I should take a ride around town? Hmm.

[Written while watching: Jimmy Neutron, Boy Genius – The Movie]

Sleep part 2

Well, I still haven’t gotten into bed again and my sleeping habits are just getting worse and worse. On Friday morning I have to get up at 07:00 to meet the girls at the train station. I know I am going to be very sleepy that day 🙁
At least I got the new Per Gessle album downloaded. I have only listened to a bit of and so far my favorite is Om du bara vill. I have always enjoyed Per Gessle. My all time favorite is Billy with Gyllene Tider.
Good night and Kiwotsukete ne.

[Written while listening to: Tycker Om När Du Tar På Mig – Per Gessle – Mazarin]


For the first time in several weeks I haven’t been able to fall asleep. I tossed and turned and my mind was rumbling around work work related things. Hmmmmm…. So I went up and read some blogs and watched another episode of Friends (1×05). Now I feel really happy, not sleepy but happy 🙂 I feel a bit like Chandler after him drinking 8 espressos.
By the way, am I a blogaholic? I cannot stop reading all your lovely blogs, Anna, Angela, Håkan, Elin, Mark, Kalle, and many more! It feels like I am getting to know you all.
Kiwotsukete ne.

[Written while listening to: Molly Malone – Sinead O’Connor – Sean-Nos Nua]

Social Networks

Kalle wrote about ”Social Software”, i.e. Friendster and I tried to sign up on the first but they had some problems with some profile, but I had better luck with Tribe. I signed in, joined a few Tribes as well as created a new one for all us in Sweden, called Sweden.Come join me, I am so alone there 🙂

[Written while listening to: The Moonlough Shore – Sinead O’Connor – Sean-Nos Nua]


I just back got back town, after a several hour long shopping spree, ALONE. The longest ever in my life 🙂 I bought more stuff both for the house and for Johanna and Tovah than I can count from memory. I cannot say what as that would spoil the surprise when Johanna gets here.
I also got my Nanotechnology books today. 4 of them.
Ahhh, summer. I love the summer. The sun. The best part is being able to be outside all the time (when it is not too hot that is). Right now it is a bit cloudy and 22 degrees. The wind is blowing slowly and I am drinking the and eating grapes on the porch. Ahhhhh. Lovely.
Now it is only 3 days, 14 hours, and 52 minutes until my love returns.

[Written while listening to: Love, Love Me Do – The Beatles]

I Hate………………

I was sitting as a good boy chatting with Johanna. I had just finished my lunch and told her I was heading down town, and know what. IT STARTS RAINING. I hate rain……
No I have to stay inside instead.

[Written while listening to: No Reply – The Beatles – Beatles for Sale]

I Hate Potato Chips

Yesterday, I went for a long bike ride when it was as warmest (28 degrees!!). After about 17Km I stopped at OBS to buy some sour milk (filmjölk) and ended up buying food for 338:- including some unhealthy potato chips that I ate during the evening and in turn made my sick, uaaaaaahhhh. Too much fat. It is like a drug. I cannot stop while there are still some left in the bag. In total I biked about 30Km in the heat and I was really beat when I got home. During my ride I only saw completely normal people, not a single Gunnar. But then again it is hard to meet people when cykling. A whole bus of finish tourist waved to me though, that was fun 🙂 Why? Well, my bike isn’t the most normal. There are two in Luleå and my family has both 🙂
Dinner was left overs from the day before, my stew that I ate this time with rice. Yummy. It is the kind of dish that gets better each time you eat it 🙂
In the evening it rained for the first time in two weeks. It really poured down. The kind if rain you see closer to the equator, in Florida or Asia.
For once I got into bed in a decent time (midnight) and the reason was that Blipp (my main desktop) had gotten kranky (i.e. it crashed) and today I manage to conclude that one of the memory DIMMs is broken. DEEEEELLLLLL, give me a new one NOW. Pulled it out and now the machine spins on nicely.
After breakfast I am heading down town to buy a huge salmon and some presents. Hope they have a good price today.
Kiwotsukete ne!

[Written while listening to: Across The Universe – The Beatles]

Tokyo Natt (Tokyo Night)

Instead of just reading the authors I know, I am trying to pick books more at random and just finished a very good book, Tokyo Natt (Tokyo Night). It is about a young woman that moves back to Tokyo where she is born (she is Swedish) and her struggles to find her self. It is a story about the life in Japan, parties, drugs and men and everything that comes with that (happiness, sadness, love).

[Written while listening to: While My Guitar Gently Weeps – The Beatles – 1967-1970]