Rest of the day…

All my food for tomorrow is now ready. I also made a salmon broth that put into the freezer and of which I am going to make a Tom Yam soup from later on.
8 hours and 57 minutes until they arrive. Apparently the air conditioning is broken on the train so they had something like 32 degrees in their and could not sleep. If they open the window is sounds way to much. Loud noise or overheating. Nice choice.
I stopped watching Femme Fatale because I didn’t have any subtitles and half of the dialogue in the movie seems to be in french. Watched a bit on Joe Somebody (boring) and a bit on The Sweetest Thing (boring). Continued with the remake of Solaris (boring) and finally watched the whole 28 days later. Ahh now that is my kind of movie. Everybody dies, a new kind of plague. Like the night of the living dead with zombie like people trying to eat everybody. Woohoo. Yes I am tired 🙂
I’ll better get some sleep then as I have to get up before 7.00 tomorrow. The bus leaves at 07.30.

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