Morrn Morrn

Well god morning to you all. My day phase shift worked fine as I woke up at 07.20 and got up at 08.10 after tossing and turning a bit. It felt really nice to wake up in a clean house. Not tons of cloths lying about in the bedroom and the bathroom smelled clean. It was a delight.
Today is my welcome home preparation day. I am going to go shopping and I am going to bake an american cheese cake. J’s favorite. For breakfast tomorrow I planned we will have fresh fruit (pineapple, different melons, strawberries and kiwi) together with a ciabatta and breadsticks (both home made of course). T really liked breadsticks when we were in Egypt earlier this year. Well, so did I 🙂
If the weather and T’s mood holds we will head out for a picknick during the day and for that I planned my favorite brunch bread. Both the sweet and non-sweet but the latter without bananas as J cannot stand them. I’ll use peach and pineapple instead. Yummy.
For dinner I planned sushi but we might be too tired when we get home so we might save the sushi for Saturday and eat something easy instead. Perhaps pizza to celebrate? I know T wants pizza anyhow 🙂 She always does.
12 red roses on the table when she gets home will do nicely as well. Or should I bring them to the train station when I meet them? What do you think?
Now I have finished by breakfast and I am going to make a shopping list and head out into the summer heat. It is ”only” 26 degrees in the shade.
Take care and please be happy!

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