Got into bed around 21 yesterday and started reading a new book (Pappa Polis) and around 21.20 I turned of the lights. Slept like a log until 06.00, turned around and next time woke up 07.20. Really tired but forced myself to go up.
Started the day by downloading some new music, my old favorite U96. All my U96 music got lost about 1.5 years ago due to a disk crash. I like them and found some new re-mixes I hadn’t heard before. This is an interesting effect of downloading music via the Internet. Not only is it so much cheaper but also you find new strange versions of all songs. Like e.g. all the bootlegs and master tapes I found with Beatles last week.
Next, tried to come to a conclusion about which ISP to connect to via my new fiber connection. LuNet (the city net operator) is going to send out new papers ”soon”, but I am still curious. The one with the best information on the net is Tele2 and they seem the most professional. Telenordia is no more, and the Internet part is now Bahnhof. The others are Arrowhead (my friend Jalle has them at home at he pukes over their bad Internet access every week, i.e. it is broken quite often) and finally Internet5 who just confuses me with their information on their site. I guess I am going to go with Tele2. Independently of whom I choose I am going to have to live with NAT at home as I will only get one public IP address. With my current connection (company ADSL) I have as many public IP addresses I like via LTU.
Some links:
Erik found a nice extension to DreamWeaver for editing Moveable Type sites. Just some XML info and much more is needed but it is a good start. Installed, tested and it does what it is supposed to do.
The blind hen proposes that we should trade in seats for lunch restaurants, just like stocks. Head over and read it. It is really funny and might become a reality???
It is now 10.20 and my girls will arrive in 1 day, 22 hours, and 2 minutes! Woohooo. Today is house cleaning day but first a quick shower and then some breakfast. I guess I sound like Alfons Åberg, ”Skall bara….”.
Kiwotsukete ne.

[Written while listening to: Das Boot 2001 (dj errik remix – U96 – BMI Kicks Ass]

En reaktion på ”Go’day”

  1. As you write, I have complained about Arrowheads lack of uptime I even installed my own radio link to another friend as a backup.
    But I suppose it’s not fair to say Arrowhead has bad uptime in general. The only trubbel i have had is with our wireless link to ”Bryggeriet”.
    I don’t say you should choose Arrohead because of this, just that my case probably isn’t the common case.
    By the way, have you anny idea how good the different operators is at peering with other operatos on LuNet? As far as I know Arrowhead doesn’t peer with BB, Sunet and so on so the trafic goes down to stockholm and turns there.

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