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Webtip: Sony Screenblast

Sony Media has created a really cool site for sharing live material (audio and video) over the Web called Screenblast. Check it out! Imagine combining this with a scalable distribution and one cool online TV channel (Jeremiah are you reading? ;-).
On the subject of video on line I just found some links about Video Blogs. Why limit ourselves to only text? I have a camera in front of me all day anyhow? You don’t want to see me? Tough luck!


Just found the GeoURL concept and I just had to add it to my site. It maps web sites from cyberspace into meatspace so you can find out if you have any ”neighbours” 🙂 Initially I mixed up the longitude and latitude so I ended up outside Bombay, and then outside San Juan but I got it right in the end (I think :-).