Thoughts on Disney World news groups and Americans posting habits

Since a month or so I am following a number of Disney World news groups and one thing really puzzles me, well not really but it struck me as a bit strange anyhow. In these groups there are about 200-400 postings per day, but only on weekdays. Do Americans (yes it is 99.8% Americans posting there) only read and post messages when they are supposed to work? This last weekend there was about 20 messages posted in total and the Monday bunch is coming in right now ( I am reading these news groups in Sweden which means I am 6 hours a head of the US east cost). I do a lot non-work related stuff during work hours but I on the other hand have VERY flexible work hours (i.e. I decide my self when I work and when I don’t)* and I do post messages on weekends!
* A drawback from deciding your own work hours is that it sometimes is hard not to work, and (if anybody is curious) my flex account including Feb 2003 is 1173 hours. That means that I can leave now and don’t have to come back until next year 😉

Webtip: Sony Screenblast

Sony Media has created a really cool site for sharing live material (audio and video) over the Web called Screenblast. Check it out! Imagine combining this with a scalable distribution and one cool online TV channel (Jeremiah are you reading? ;-).
On the subject of video on line I just found some links about Video Blogs. Why limit ourselves to only text? I have a camera in front of me all day anyhow? You don’t want to see me? Tough luck!


After 2 years break, Johanna got our Quicken database up and running again so now we know how much money we have. This for both good and bad as it shows how much several of stock-funds have decreased in value 🙁 The worst is now worth 12.5% of the money we put in 🙁

En dag som du inte lär dig något nytt, är en förlorad dag!