22 feb

Intel is pushing wireless USB as replacement for Bluetooth.

As we all know Bluetooth has proved not to be the best technology around and now Intel has lost confidence in UWB reaching the market soon the in the meantime they will focus on wireless UWB instead.
Want to know more: http://deviceforge.com/articles/AT9015145687.html

One thought on “Intel is pushing wireless USB as replacement for Bluetooth.

  1. Actually, it feels like bluetooth is just starting to gain acceptance… A lot of phones have it and now, mice and other devices have it built in.
    Ericsson next gen has tri band gsm, bluetooth and 802.11b on one single chip… Best of all worlds!
    Doesn’t feel weird that Intel keeps shooting in the wrong direction in the wireless world? First, Home RF (which got crushed by 802.11b) then 802.11a (which got crushed by 802.11g) and now this?

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