Early Morning

It is way too early to be up at this hour! The reason I am up is that I am heading to preschool with the family to watch Tovah’s ”Lucia”-show with all the other kids.
By the way, Elon-Lindvalls called yesterday and said that they are tired of it all (i.e. the dishwasher business) and told us that we can either get a 1800 refund (down to 22K for all the appliances) or we can get a new better machine. J chose the better machine and sometime around christmas or early next year they will come and exchange our dishwasher for a better one, a Miele 694, instead of the 641 we have now. They will of course pay for the extra cost of connecting a new one.
Perhaps, it isn’t that early after all. I feel good and perhaps I should get up this early every morning? Nah, 07:40 is early enough 🙂


Got to do some coding today. Hurray!
Went training and ended up on the threadmill running a 4 km round. Actually first I ran 300 meter and then fell of the machine 🙂
Yesterday we took a walk on the ice and when we were as far we could go from land the ice started making loud cracking noises. It was a bit scary and headed back to shore as quickly as we dared 🙂
Lost some money on the stock market today. I am down 2K now :-/
I dumped the plague book and started reading the DaVinci Code instead and already after a few pages I can say that it is MUCH better!!


It turns out that the dishwasher is actually NOT the same machine in Sweden as in the rest of Europe. We have today spoken with both Miele in Sweden and Germany and apparently they do this all the time. They make a special version of the same machine for the Swedish market with extra features and then they sell it as a special offer machine. The strange thing is that they keep the same model number on the machine. Strange, don’t you think?

Book report

It is time for a book report. What have I been reading during the autumn?
The Teeth of the Tiger, Tom Clancy. Very good good book. The Ryan story continues, this time with about Jack Ryan Jr. If you have enjoyed the other Clancy books the you will like this one.
En annan tid, ett annat liv. Leif GW Persson. Good police story about a small murder that turns into something bigger. Not the best book I have read but entertaining.
Ondskan. Jan Guillou. The book about Guillou’s childhood, or at least that is what he says. Rumours say that he has made up the whole thing though. Independently of it is true or not it was a very good book.
Häxornas försvarare. Guillou, Jan. Started reading this a while back but I stopped after a few chapters. I started reading it just after finished the fourth Arn book and it was just too much old times (at that time :-).
Tornseglarna, Kristoffer Leandoer. A childrens fantasy book about parallel worlds. I didn’t know it was a childrens book when starting it but it was good anyhow 🙂
Ont blod, Arne Dahl. Murder, murders, murders. Very good detective story. Read it!
Skuld, Karin Alvtegen. Now this was a good movie. Sort of a book with a nice twist. I like those. Well worth reading.
Rita Rubinstein åker tunnelbana i den bästa av världar. Anita Goldman. Boring. About how it is to be jewish in Stockholm. Only read about 1/3.
Right now I am reading The Plague, Albert Camus. I have read bout 1/5 but I am thinking about switching. To the Davincy Code perhaps?
And several more that I have forgotten about.


Why should it be so hard to buy things? Last week J bought some new stuff including a dishwasher. It turns out that the dishwasher wasn’t as good as the salesperson promised. Johanna told the shop last Saturday and we have been talking with them every day since. The thing was that Johanna wanted a model with AAA classification (energy consumption) and she was originally set on a Miele 647. The sales person said that she could get the 641 for a better price and it had a lower sound level, 46dB (the 647 had 48dB). Yesterday we found out that the 641 actually has a sound level of 51dB!! As it is no longer generally available (last years model) we cannot find any technical information on it in Sweden but checking around the net we found specs for it that it actually is a 51dB machine in UK, Norway, Finland, Germany, Netherlands and USA. Nice. NOT!
I lost 600:- yesterday on the stock market, not so nice either. Got to get it back on Monday 🙂
This morning we went downtown and I totally lost all energy. It took me several hours before I got it back during the afternoon. For lunch we had stuffed bell peppers followed by ”maräng swiss”. Yummy. But I ate toooooo much 🙂


Tovah’s preschool training lasted one day, and not a full day either. Only 2 hours. Yesterday was her first day alone and it worked perfectly until she saw mummy and didn’t want to go home. As of next week she will start going 5 hours per day, 3 days per week. This morning I left her at the preschool and she was really happy to get there.
Yesterday I had my first real spinning session and I was really beat when I got home. 32 minutes active cycling. Nice but it does not beat my own cycling during the summer. A spinning bike doesn’t behave the same as a real bike.
Today I did day trading on the Stockholm Stock Exchange for the first time in my life. I actually earned 20:- (SEK).I one ”bet” 2700 but tomorrow I will bring up the stake. I have given myself 58000:- to play with and if I had staked all that today I would have earned more than 400:-. Not bad for a few minutes work. I bought the stock at 270 and sold at 272, but it actually ended at 275.
In the afternoon I got into a heated discussion regarded budget issues in a group of projects we have. The contracts have been dragging out in time (since April). That is not the thing, but that I get so agitated when discussing these issues. I make myself miserable and my environment likewise. And it makes me really sad that I get angry for no reason 🙁


Went spinning today! It was the first time in my life and it was rather nice. I am going on Wednesday again. This first time was only an introduction lasting 30 minutes but I feel good.
This morning me and J took T to her first day at preschool. She is going to Udden’s preschool, the ”Biet” group. This first day she was only there for 1 hour playing on her own. Tomorrow she will be there for 2 hours without me or J around. I am convinced that she will do fine there!
Puh, training takes the energy out of me.
Saw the first half of Kill Bill yesterday. Cool movie. I hope the second half will be just as good 🙂