Winter is coming back

It seems like winter is coming back. It is currently -0.4 and forecasts say that it will drop down to -6 over the weekend. I just hope we don’t get any snow. That would really put a stop to my spring happiness! But why worry about something that you cannot control!
Brace yourself for a new great day! 🙂 Good night!

Grammar and spelling in papers!

A tip all graduate students and others writing papers out there!
It is always a good idea to have correct grammar and spelling in papers. For some strange reason it increases the acceptance rate 😉
When working with Latex it is very simple to spell check your files. Just run ’ispell *.tex’. Grammar is harder but what I do is to open the file in MS Word and let it use its grammar check mechanism to tell me what is wrong.
I strongly urge all that submit papers to do this!!