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I have given up captioning all my older photos and here is one with partial captions, the division in Juan les Pines, France December 2002.

Another one, Misc October 2002.

Yet another one, Kåre Synnes' graduation ceremony November 9 2002.

Misc September 2002.

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And here some of my scanned photos taken during summer/autumn 1993.

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And I even managed to get the December photos online!

Today we removed parts of the wall in the hall and it made a huge difference. It is always fun to work with your hands, especially when you get to destroy things :-)

We finally got some snow today. Not until mid December in northern Sweden!!! Strange!

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And here are the November photos.

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My October 2003 photos are now online. A lot of Tovah photos and a number from a party at Britta's fantastic place!

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I am way behind on my photos! I just added some from September. Here is the first of the new...

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