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adb root

adb remount

adb push ~/work/android/trout-keypad-v3.kcm.bin /system/usr/keychars

adb shell reboot

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Mail applikationen har inte funkat på min iPhone och här är en lösning som jag just nu testar för att se om den löser problemet:

  1. Restore your phone (back it up before restore)
  2. Once phone is restored, the iTunes iPhone welcome screen comes on (set up as new account, restore from previous phone). Leave it alone
  3. Disconnect the phone. The home screen should pop up. Click on the Mail app. This is where it should have been crashing, but now you can see the logos (Yahoo, GMail, AOL, etc.). Click on one of the icons, then click cancel to get back to the home screen.
  4. Plug in phone. See iTunes iPhone welcome screen again.
  5. Click Restore.
  6. Mail should work now.

Woohoo! Ja det fungerar! Medan iTunes gjorde backned så hittade jag om den var jailbreakad så kunde man bara ändra rättigheterna på programmets databibliotek istället:

chown -R mobile:mobile /var/mobile/Library/Mail

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Detta är en problem&solution för mig själv. Hur fixar man automatlogin från f-secure ssh till en openssh2 server.

1: Skapa ett bibliotek lokalt: C:\Documents and Settings\peppar\Application Data\F-Secure SSH\userkeys
2: Skapa nyckel med ssh-keygen2
3: Kopiera över innehållet i till ~/.ssh/authorized_keys på servern.
Tuta och kör.

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Kom ihåg för mig själv: Hur man flyttar alla musik filer som styrs av iTunes.

1) stäng av iTunes
2) Editera xml filen så att filnamnen pekar rätt.
3) Se till att itl filen blir korrupt (== ta bort allt innehåll och spara)
4) starta iTunes och der kommer nu i en evighet att importera data från xlm filen.


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This is just for my future reference regarding what to do when certificates expire.

cd /usr/share/ssl/certs
make -B sendmail.pem
/etc/init.d/sendmail restart

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Add php_value upload_max_filesize 1000000 at the end of /etc/httpd/conf.d/php.conf and restart httpd.

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Suddenly my desktop computer couldn't grab audio when grabbing video!!! I spent 5 hours on this problem yesterday. I could grab audio just fine but it I started grabbing video (e.g. via amcap) audio grabbing stopped working. The audio device was a USB soundcard from Philips called Aurilium and the video device was a Logitech Orbit. Both are USB2.0 devices so I first thought that was the problem. I started moving around cables and reinstalling drivers. No luck. Next step was to exchange the Aurilium for a Creative Extigy USB soundcard instead. Same problem. Hmm, let us change the camera then so I switched to another Logitech camera (a USB1.1 camera). The problem remains. Ahh, it must be a Logitech driver problem, and I install a Philips camera instead. No change...... By know I pulling my hair I don't what else to try.

I then notice that although I have removed the Philips Aurilium physically from the system, Windows still thinks it is available. I go into the device manger and uninstall the Aurilium Sound Agent 2 device (this is a audio mixer device) and THEN it all starts working again. Finally!!!

The conclusion is to avoid the Philips Aurilium product if you need a audio device for emeetings and online conferencing.

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Problem & Solution...

How do I create 6-page handouts from a PDF file?

Print to a .ps file using a PS printer driver (e.g. HP) that supports having multiple pages on the page and then create a new PDF using distiller.

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A problem&solution for my own record.

Two bugs disappeared in PHPBugTracker and the reason was that the status_id field was set to a value that did no longer exist. The following sql solved it the problem but the bug is still there.

update phpbt_bug set status_id='8' where bug_id =31;
update phpbt_bug set status_id='8' where bug_id =32;
select * from phpbt_bug where bug_id='31' or bug_id='32';

[Written while listening to: En till som jag]
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Personal Problem&Solution for my own notes only.

Today my PC audio on Blipp got distorted and mic-in vanished. Many BSODs and much testing showed turned out that the driver for the USB pccard reader is not very correct. Uninstalling the driver and drive solved the problem. It was the violet LexarMedia reader with dual drives. The drive itself worked with the driver.

[Written while listening to: madonna - american life - 02 - hollywood - - ]
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