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The calm air is still,
it's hanging in the hot shade.
The lucid rain is white.
[Written while listening to: Smakar På Ett Regn - Per Gessle - Mazarin]
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The red sun shimmers,
fine dust hangs in the warm air.
The blue wind feels good.
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Like a light in the night
the cravings for food come silent.
The sandwich fills me.
[Written while listening to: Malchik gay - T.A.T.U.]

Ps. I just realized this one does not have a season word in it, but I like it as it is anyhow.

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I just wrote my first Haiku:

Johanna in the sun
glows in the most lovely way.
I love you dearest.

Haiku is a form of traditional Japanese poetry, with strict rules on the how the poem should be composed. In brief a Haiku has to contain 17 syllables divided into groups of 5,7, and 5. The Haiku also has to contain one season word and the Haiku has to be cut in a certain way. Read more about the art of Haiku.

[Written while listening to: All The Things She Said - T.A.T.U.]
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